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The Leveraged Business Guide

A leveraged business is one that manages itself, with or without you. By applying the eight Leverage Activators, you can create a self-sustaining business that grows your impact and income, while gaining your freedom back, getting you from six to seven figures. This Guide takes you through these Activators more in-depth so you can start Leveraging your business today.

The Eight Leverage Activators

Learn how to scale your business by applying key Activators
1 - Leverage Your Team

Learn how to hire great people you trust who will take everything off your plate so you can focus on exponential growth

2 - Leverage Your Systems

Create structure and control in your business through documented processes, so everything runs smoothly and no longer requires your daily involvement

3 - Leverage Your Time

Be strategic about how you use your time by setting strong boundaries, reducing access and working only in your unique brilliance

4 - Leverage Your Business Model

Shift how you deliver your work so you are no longer working hours-for-dollars and can work with 2x-10x your current number of clients, while working fewer hours

5 - Leverage Your Marketing

Use omnipresent marketing to bring in an unprecedented number of qualified leads, without it being you that is as involved in the day-to-day lead generation

6 - Leverage Your Accountability

Reach bigger revenues each year by having your team be accountable to and responsible for growing your business for you, while always knowing where you are with your goals

7 - Leverage Your Differentiation

Become “untouchable” in your industry by differentiating your offerings, so much so that clients stay for years because they get results and feel what they can’t elsewhere

8 (1)
8 - Leverage Your Lifestyle

Release yourself from the day-to-day of your business with a second-in-command you trust so you scale to a million or more, while living an ideal life of freedom

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Leverage Program Member Spotlight

Stephanie had previously been burned by other coaching programs and was trying to piece together all of the advice she’d gotten over the years, but it just, as she said, “wasn’t working.” She was only bringing in a couple hundred dollars a month “working with a couple of clients here and there.”

She took a leap of faith and joined us in the Boldheart Business Program. Fast forward to a year and a half later, and Stephanie had her first $20,000 month (that’s the equivalent of $240,000 a year)!

Here’s what Stephanie said made the program stand out for her from the other business coaching advice and programs she’s seen: 

“It’s those deeper internal shifts that truly create the external results…nothing on the outside can change on a deep level if we don’t recalibrate our own sense of self-worth, so this has just really brought me to such a deeper, more real, more true place in my life and business…I get to be fully me in my business, and that is the best part.”

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