The Fabienne Show if for women who want to increase their impact, influence and income, while creating their version of a Delicious Life.

As one of us rises in our entrepreneurial journey, boosts our self-worth, or increases the joy in their everyday life, it creates the space and inspiration for all of us to do the same! That’s what “The Fabienne Show” is all about—the power of our collective positive ripple! Thank you for being a part of this empowering community of incredible women ❤️

With love, Fabienne



Founder of, Fabienne Fredrickson is a beloved spiritual business coach and fierce champion for women having a voice and a choice in their lives. She believes that part of the cycle of increasing women’s self-sovereignty globally is to have them become successfully self-employed, making their own money, with abundant time off.

For decades, she’s powerfully coached tens of thousands of women to scale a business combining powerful mindset shifts, proven strategy, spiritual principles and feminine energy. Her Leveraged Business program that helps women increase their impact, influence and income to a million a year without sacrificing her life is based on the principles outlined in her book, The Leveraged Business: How You Can Go From Overwhelmed at Six Figures to Seven Figures (and Gain Your Life Back).

Over time, these same women also divulged to Fabienne that they felt depleted, that they were going through the motions of their life and had let themselves go or settled in many aspects of life. Fabienne began sharing her own methodology for also creating a Delicious Life. Following this transformational process rooted in increasing self-worth and spiritual principles, the women blossomed, experienced pleasure and joy again, felt more confident, beautiful and sexy and rediscovered the woman they always wanted to be.

Fabienne’s TEDx talk (Activate your potential for greatness) and book Embrace Your Magnificence: Get Out of Your Own Way and Live a Richer, Fuller, More Abundant Life are all precursors to the podcast and the upcoming Boldheart Woman Mastermind she is launching soon.

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