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The 5 Steps Hanna Hermanson Implemented to 3x her Copywriting Business

Is it possible to increase your business to a quarter of a million in just 18 months, with an eye to a million in just 2 years? Yes, it is. And you will want to take notes on how one of our members did it so quickly, outlined below.

I wanted to share with you the inspiring story of Hanna, a (now) copywriting agency owner who faced challenges with expanding her business and increasing her revenue.

Hanna tripled her business to 250K in just 18 months in our program, and the best is yet to come as she continues to implement what will get her to 7-figures. Here is the video of our conversation, if you’d like to be inspired by her story:

When Hanna joined our signature program a year and a half ago, she was feeling totally overwhelmed and unable to keep up with her copywriting clients. She was looking to increase her revenue but she faced challenges with her ability to leverage her skills to expand beyond one-to-one client work (doing the copywriting herself).

The thought of reaching bigger revenues meant more overwhelm for her. But we changed all of that. Here’s how:

  1. Right away, we gave her our roadmap for business growth that helped her to see the opportunities she hadn’t seen before for scaling her business. This opened her eyes to new ways of growing without working more.
  2. We helped her make some powerful mindset shifts to be able to see herself as the CEO of a world-class copywriting agency, rather than the copywriter she was when she first joined us.
  3. This created a powerful shift in her identity, and she could now fully implement the tools provided in our program to hire world-class copywriters to help even more clients (and better than she could have).
  4. She now had space in her calendar, which allowed her to focus on her zone of genius, rather than putting out fires. She finally had time to be more strategic about her business growth and increased her prices, lengthened her agreements, and found ways to retain great clients longer with more projects.
  5. By then implementing the right systems, Hanna’s business improved client support and satisfaction and further reduced her workload, leading to a better work-life balance. She could spend more days at the beach with her husband and furry friend.

When I asked her what made the biggest difference being in the program, she said it came down to:

  1. Investing in the right mentorship and having access to me for coaching every week
  2. Getting proven tools for scaling her business
  3. Having the support of a whole community of other women in business at her level who could help her through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

What’s next for Hanna? Well, she is now confidently looking towards reaching a revenue of 500K within the next 18 months, and then has set her eyes on a million dollars a year, while working even less. She will do it.

What about you? Are you facing similar challenges with expanding your business? What’s next for you?

It’s not unusual to find yourself in your situation. In fact, it’s normal. But please don’t let the overwhelming and uncertain feelings hold you back from increasing your revenue, your impact and your time off any longer.

For Hanna, it all started with just one no-charge call with us, and this is what allowed her to see the path to a million, while working less. And now, it’s your turn:

Book your free exploratory call today and take the first step towards achieving your goals to scale your business with more freedom and more down time. What if it worked for you like it’s working for Hanna?

There’s only one way to find out.

Let’s book a time to talk,

Fabienne Fredrickson
Author of the book The Leveraged Business
Founder of Boldheart Business

P.S. These women are doing it and you can too. And yes, Hanna had her doubts too, but she realized she needed help and luckily she leapt boldly, got a proven plan, a bigger mindset and a loving, like-minded community that helped her triple her income in a short amount of time.
She wishes she had found us sooner.

Please, don’t waste any more time; you have found us. Now go ahead and book a free strategy session with one of my expert coaches for a heart-to-heart conversation that will give you clarity and next steps. Your time is now.

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