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Tanya quadrupled her revenue (through her treatment)

Sometimes, I hear people wait until things are “perfect” to grow their business. But what if it’s in the tough times (like illness) that there is the most need? Tanya’s story is an incredibly inspiring testimony of what you can accomplish when faced with something like cancer (quadrupling your business, with the right principles of leverage).

Yes, Tanya QUADRUPLED her revenue while going through treatment and is on her way to 7 figures. Prepare to get chills as you watch this:

Before joining us in the program, Tanya worked nonstop, ‘til exhaustion, to earn 200K a year…and it was completely unsustainable (sound familiar?). 

When she found the Boldheart community, she was burned out on coaching programs, working herself to the bone, and knew where she wanted to go, but didn’t know how to get there. 

I had had coaches before, but it could only get me so far. And I had this vision in my mind, but I did not see any way that it would get like that. I had been hustling so much. I was making probably close to 200,000 a year but that was really my blood, sweat, and tears. I was working whenever. I mean all the time. It was really, really hard.

She was doing almost everything herself, and didn’t have a rockstar team she could trust, because she didn’t think she could find the right people, trust them, or afford them. 

This meant she was stretched too thin to take on any more clients or to grow her business, but she couldn’t see it until she heard it in the Boldheart Business program

“Somebody said to me, ‘If you don’t have an assistant, then you ARE your assistant. If you don’t have a bookkeeper, then you ARE your bookkeeper.’ You’re all the things. No wonder I’m so unhappy. I can’t earn any more money.” 

Once we showed her exactly how to start leveraging a team, she took suggestions little by little. Then, when life stepped in with a breast cancer diagnosis, she was forced to let go and trust her new team, despite not knowing how to let go or even how to be a boss. 

We were with her the whole time. And while she was getting treatment, taking care of herself, resting and getting better, her business grew because she followed our process.

“We grew while I was going through cancer treatment. This year, actually since starting Boldheart, our income has now quadrupled. We’re still not quite at a million yet, but I think probably in the next year or two, or so, we’ll get there.”

Wow. That’s $800K a year, on track for a million! While surviving cancer AND a pandemic!

For some, this may seem out of reach. It did to Tanya too, at first. A million a year, working much less? Yes, it is absolutely possible for you too, even if you just want to make 200K or 500K a year. 

This is what can happen when you join the program and have the support of your peers.

Tanya shared that before coming to Boldheart, she had a lot of the “not good enoughs.” But now, she has our guidance, she’s infinitely more confident and she’s working her plan of action along with her rockstar team. She is loving her life: 

“I didn’t have the capability to believe that I deserved to have a life, and to make money, and to have a career that was inspiring people, and having so much meaning to it. 

Now what I feel like is that I can spend my time in my business having a lot of fun. We’re making more money than ever. I have an amazing team. You know, one of the things we learn in Boldheart is that you deserve to have everybody on your team be a 10. And everybody on my team is a 10. And they’re not going anywhere.”

What about you, sweet friend? 

=> Is there a part of you that dreams of having a rockstar team you trust so you can work a lot less? 

=> Do you dream of a life you love with an income that gives you the freedom to enjoy it?

=> Do you sometimes feel isolated and wish you could be in a mastermind and community of like-minded entrepreneurs who love and support you? 

=> Do you wish you had more expert guidance and accountability so you know what to do and finish what you start?

We are here to help. Let’s chat. Reach out today to book a free conversation with us.

We’ve helped tens of thousands of women do all of these things and more; I believe we can help you too. Let’s find out, OK? Click the button below to set up a time to chat with one of our heart-centered strategy coaches to see if our community is the right place for you:

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If Tanya (and thousands before her) can apply our principles and find success, you can too, even if other programs or coaches have disappointed you before. It works here.  

Looking forward to hearing you share your own success story,
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P.S. Please know that, when you book a chat here, there is never any pressure or commitment to buy. It’s just a conversation to get to know you and see if you’re the right fit to grow, just like Tanya is doing. We do things in a feminine way. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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