Tania’s 48% revenue growth in six months

WOW, WOW, WOW, Tania Jackson is keeping it real! 

“Investing in myself and believing in myself the past six months has changed my life, my business, and my family.” – Tania Jackson 

In today’s super frank video, Tania talks about how she thought I was a fake and what I taught was “bullsh*t” (her word, not mine) until she spent the day with me in London and realized that I modeled for her what it’s like to be a leader in business, someone who makes good money, and also someone who is powerfully vulnerable, a mother, and a lovable wife (again, her word). 

Tania was moved to tears and realized that she had found the business mentor she has been looking for her whole career. And as a result of joining us in the Boldheart Business program just 6 months ago, Tania went from skeptical to a full convert and that’s when she increased her revenue by a whopping 48%, yes, in just six months

Watch this video:

Here’s a little of what she shared in the video:

“There was resistance in joining Boldheart. I thought, ‘How am I going to explain myself the amount of money? I’m not good enough. I shouldn’t spend this money on me. How am I going to tell my husband? He’s gonna say that I’m crazy. Who do you think you are?’

The thing is, some of us invest money in our business and don’t invest in ourselves. And actually we need to invest in ourselves in order to grow the business.

In six months, my business has grown 48%. 

One thing that’s been mindblowing for me is the mindset. Because once you change your mindset, everything’s changed. You need to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? 

Investing in myself and believing in myself the past six months has changed my life, my business, and my family.”

In the Boldheart Business program, we have a Mindset First methodology.

We don’t teach you how to do something until we clear the resistance around that thing FIRST. And then, once you open up to things you haven’t done before, then we give you the HOW, the exact how-tos (the scripts, the templates, you name it).

This is what helps you to fly.

As you heard in the video, a lot can change in six months. (48% growth!!!)

Imagine where Tania will be in another six months.

And now, it’s about you, sweet friend.

Imagine what will happen when you make the decision to invest in yourself. 

Where would you be in six months, twelve months? Two years, five years? How would making very good money make a difference in your life, specifically? Your family’s life?

I know you may be skeptical. That’s normal. And you have nothing to lose by scheduling a ‘get acquainted call’ by clicking here.

To start experiencing results like Tania has, let’s chat at no charge and see if we can help.

I believe in you. Do you believe in you, too? Let’s get you the financial abundance you dream about…

With love,
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P.S. One of the many things I love is seeing women step into financial security and abundance. You see, once you learn how to make money in your business, no one can ever take that away from you. 

You deserve that feeling of safety and certainty in your business…and it starts with one call with us. 

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