Sheri said yes (watch what happened next)

It is so awesome to watch…there are people like you who read this newsletter and watch the videos week-after-week, are inspired by the success stories, perhaps even impressed by the teachings, and who seemingly sit on the fence, not doing anything.

And then, one day, out of nowhere, they stop sitting on that proverbial fence (ouch if it’s a picket fence) and…

…they make the one decision that changes their life forever.

My dear friend Sheri Chaney Jones was one of those people. Seven years ago, after waiting a while to say yes, she boldly joined us and started working with me. And I can boldly say that Sheri and her family are pretty glad she did. ;) Watch my conversation with Sheri now and get super inspired:

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Maybe you’re like Sheri, too. Maybe you’ve been following me for one month, one year…or maybe ten.

But you’ve not made a decision to boldly get support, like Sheri did.

Maybe watching Sheri’s video will inspire you to realize that more of the same will create, well, more of the same.

I am honored and humbled to have clients like Sheri. Yes, it’s been 7 years and she is now approaching the 7-figure mark. (It took me 8 years, but then again, I didn’t have the help she has.)

What about you?

If you were to follow her path, when would you begin your own journey to more impact and more money? Helping all those people who need what you do. Would you wait another year to think about it?

Or would you start today?

I always say, “Why unnecessarily delay the results you want now?” 

Let’s get you on the phone with one of our Strategy Coaches and map out your exact path to the impact you want.

It begins with watching this video and filling out a few simple questions here.

Let’s do this.


P.S. And then, one day, you and I will sit by a warm fire and talk about the day you made the decision that changed your and your family’s life. Go for it.

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