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She reached $50K in sales from $250 in annual revenue

In today’s transformation video, we’re going to talk about overcoming resistance to get new results.

Not just some resistance…a LOT of resistance, like the kind of fear that cripples you, but also, about how you have the courage it takes to dig deep and get beyond resistance.

This is Emma’s story, about how she went from making just $250 in annual revenues (yes, only $250 in a whole year!) to making $50K in sales…and on track this year for $100,000 in revenues!

Here’s a little of what Emma shared about her transformation:

“I did nothing to market myself before joining Boldheart Business. I made $250 in the year before Boldheart. So it was very much a side, non-hustle. 🙂

I started following Fabienne and implemented a few things she recommended, and then I went to the Mindset Retreat last year, which is when I joined Boldheart. I knew before the invitation came that it was going to be a ‘yes’ for me. I felt nauseous knowing that I had to do it. I got sick in the bathroom because I just knew, ‘Oh, bleep, I need to do this and this is scary.’ 

But I couldn’t not try once I heard how many people had been successful with it. 

My points of resistance included thousands in credit card debt, and the rationalization that I already loved the work that I was doing outside of my business…so who was I to want additional joy? There was also fear about making a commitment like this, and imagining my husband might think I’m crazy. 

I had someone that once coached me on consulting with my 90-year-old self, and I knew that my 90-year-old self would be disappointed in me if I didn’t try. I have no children yet but I knew that I wanted to be a mother that was inspiring to my kids, and I would want my hypothetical daughter to be brave.

So I threw myself into the work because I wanted to prove to myself and to my husband that it was worth it. So I provided the data and once he saw the data, he said, ‘Great job baby. You’re getting us closer to this ski condo in Montana.’

In the last year I’ve closed $49K in sales. That was absolutely a direct result of the Boldheart program. And then because I was generating more revenue in my private practice, that enabled me to raise my rates in the other work that I do, up to 139% increase in some cases, and I’m on track to close a $100K this year.”

I then asked Emma what she would say to someone who was considering joining the Boldheart Business program, and I love her answer…

“Just ask your 90-year-old self.”

Here’s the thing…

There’s always going to be resistance at every new level of your business, and the resistance looks different for everybody.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard say, “Oh yeah, I want to get to my next level.”

But more often than not, there’s a block, fear, or an obstacle that’s getting in the way.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence for a while about joining us, I want you to ask yourself…

What’s in the way?

Make a list of all of the external reasons (credit card debt, what your husband will think, where the money would come from, etc.).

And then make a list of all of the internal reasons (I don’t know if I have what it takes, it’s a big commitment, can I really do this? etc.).

And then I want you to close your eyes and take a piece of Emma’s advice…

Ask your 90-year-old self what she would do.

And then, reach out to us by clicking here, and let’s just chat about what it would look like to go from where you are to $100,000 or more in an increase in revenues. 

Would that be a good return on investment? We think so. Let’s talk, at no charge.

With love,

P.S. I know it’s scary. I too get anxious sometimes about taking big leaps in my own business. 

But what I know for sure is that every single one of our members gets results. Don’t you think it’s time that you joined the group of people who get big results?

Schedule your free exploration call with us here.

You got this. xo

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