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Sara went from $100K/year to $100K/month (in 6 months!)

If you would like to make a lot more in your business (100K a month?), without having to use the same old aggressive tactics, you will love hearing Sara’s super inspiring story. 

You see, Sara recently went from $100K a year to $100K a MONTH, after only 6 months with us – working less than she’s ever worked before. (This is possible, it happens often here.)  Want to know how she did it, so you can too? If you only watch one video this week, watch THIS: 

While Sara had already crossed the 100K a year milestone prior to joining us in Boldheart Business, she knew that to have a bigger impact and help more people, she needed something different. Here’s what she shared with me: 

It was me, for 10 years, doing my own thing, struggling… I felt very disempowered, and I knew what got me into the six figures was not going to get me to the full impact of my calling. I knew I needed a new recipe book but there were a lot of mentors who were very masculine energy, like ‘Sell hard, hustle!’ And it wasn’t right. 

$100K a month

I knew when I came here and experienced you and the people in this community, that this is what I wanted. I was ready to scale, and I needed a new playbook.”

Sara shared with me that she was stopping herself by following old rules like, “I need to wait a year to get help” or “This needs to be perfect before I can put it out there”, and that she couldn’t break through on her own. 

I didn’t believe in my own worth… I didn’t believe I was worthy of being a seven-figure business owner, of leading a team, of scaling. I didn’t, and that was really what it was about. It wasn’t about the money, it was about my worth.”

She credits the Mindset First Methodology™ we employ here in the Boldheart Business program as the cause of her extraordinary growth (in just 6 months). Now she knows that, until you deal with the underlying beliefs that sabotage you, you won’t be able to see changes on the outside. 

Once Sara joined our community, she massively shifted her beliefs and was able to do things she had never imagined possible: 

“What I know is this, the people we surround ourself with are where we’ll go. So I need to be in the room with a mentor and community who are living the way [I want to].

I work less than I have in the last three years. This is because of you Fabienne. I worked on clearing subconscious blocks, and I leaned on our community.” 

Once she took the great leap of faith and joined the program, things changed very quickly: 

“I joined in December…so it was the end of the year and I wasn’t expecting any big financials, people are going on holiday…I had $60,000 of new client sales come in, before the holiday, and took two weeks off with no work at all.

A few years ago, I couldn’t make $20,000, so $100,000 a year was insane. So I kept coming to the Q&As with you, asking the questions. Every book you recommended I read, every Q&A you offer I’m there…

…and I have now had two consecutive $100k months.”

Congratulations, Sara! That’s a 10X revenue increase in only six months…not a bad investment for someone who couldn’t make $20,000 a year not long ago!

I understand that this may seem out of the ordinary, impossible, or for ‘other people’. Sara felt exactly the same way until she joined our community and met all the other women doing the same. She followed our process. 

A million a year, working much less? Yes, it is absolutely possible for you too. 

There was a time when I couldn’t imagine I’d make $100,000 a year…[now, I make that a month.] You put in my heart, in all of our hearts, that what used to be impossible can now be easy.”

You may be feeling hesitant about joining us, Sara was too at first – about making the investment in herself. It’s a common reflex to focus on the cost of the opportunity in front of you, rather than the extraordinary return on investment that will come from the opportunity. 

As a society, we are taught to believe that a 5% dividend on a mutual fund after 10 years makes it a worthwhile investment vehicle, but when was the last time you saw an increase from 20,000 a month to 100,000 a month, in just 6 months? 

Invest in yourself and that's the kind of return you can experience instead.

Sara chose to believe in herself and our proven recipe, instead of reinventing the wheel – and it has truly paid off.  

What about you, sweet friend? 

=> Are you looking to grow your business to reach more people, but don’t know what you need to get there? 

=> Do you need to break free of the limiting beliefs that are causing you to sabotage yourself? 

=> Do you wish you had more direction and could learn from someone who is already there and will show you the way? 

=> Are you tired of feeling so isolated and wish you could be part of an inspiring community and mastermind with like-minded entrepreneurs who want you to grow? 

You can have this and we are here to help. Let’s chat. 

Reach out today to book a free business audit call and Needs Analysis here.

We’ve helped tens of thousands of women do all of these things and more; I believe we can help you too. Click the button below to set up a time to chat with one of our strategy coaches.

Looking forward to hearing you share your own success story,

P.S. Please know that, when you book a free business audit and Needs Analysis here, there is never any pressure or commitment to buy. It’s just a conversation to get to know you and see if you’re the right fit to grow, just like Sara is doing. We do things in a feminine way. We wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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