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Recovering perfectionist nearly doubled her sales in one year

This week’s story of transformation is for you if you are a perfectionist, especially a competitive one! It’s also a great example of the power of getting help…then doubling your sales in one year. Watch this: 

Beth is a realtor in Washington State who was overwhelmed and exhausted. Before taking the leap and joining us in the program, she see-sawed between working all the hours necessary to keep her top broker position and prioritizing her family and friends…but her sales numbers were dropping. 

Can you relate to feeling conflicted?

Luckily, she joined us in Boldheart Business and her life a year later is a very different one…with double the sales – in the middle of a pandemic!

Beth was the top broker in her firm, selling residential real estate, but it came at a high price. She was sending emails until 10pm on weekdays and working much of the weekends, prompting her husband to ask: “Are you going to be able to stop working at some point today?”

Here’s what she shared with me about how overworking was affecting her: 

It was just overwhelming…I was working so much, I was so stressed out. I like my life and I want to be able to live it and I want to be able to see my adult kids and you know, friends…like everybody else that I saw having fun.”

When Beth spoke to her firm’s managing director about getting support, she received a negative response, so she shelved the idea of hiring help:

“So I just kept doing what I knew to do which just got me the exact same thing I’d always gotten and I was just more tired.”

Despite her need for help, Beth agonized over the decision to join us in the program. It seemed like a lot of money to invest, she didn’t know if she had time to learn and implement her learning, and she was full of doubt, wondering “What if it doesn’t work?” 

“I was just afraid.”

What helped Beth make the leap was asking herself:

“Do you really want this or not? Are you really willing to try or not? And then if you’re not willing to try, then don’t ever complain about working too hard again. If you’re not willing to try, then you get what you get.

Fast forward to a year after starting the Boldheart Business program… Beth has regained her freedom and peace of mind, while increasing her income. 

Her favorite breakthrough? Realizing that she could concentrate on her unique brilliance and delegate “all the things that you suck at”. 

“It just really gave me so much freedom…because I’m a recovering perfectionist. I don’t have to be good at everything and if I can focus on the things that I really am amazing at and find the people who are amazing at the things that I am not, and just admit it and pay them to do that, that’s how I get my life back. And they’re fulfilled and I’m fulfilled and everybody’s happy.

Just opening my eyes to that one thing and being given permission that I don’t have to do everything because I was doing everything and that’s what was making me so exhausted.”

Beth’s revenues have grown massively. In the nine months before starting the program, she had sold 24 units with a value of $7.8 million, but for the same period the following year, Beth’s sales volume was just under $13 million – almost double, despite the pandemic!

When Beth compares the version of herself today with the Beth of a year ago, she’s now the top single broker at her new brokerage AND she’s creating a college fund for her infant grandson.

When I asked her how life would be different without Boldheart, she said:

“I wouldn’t be making the money I’m making…
I wouldn’t be able to be funding my grandson’s college, which I absolutely can do and any more that’s to come…
I wouldn’t have the options that I have…
I wouldn’t have the energy that I have now.”

What an inspiration, after just one year in the program! I am so proud and excited for Beth, and the best is yet to come for her.

If you’ve struggled in the past, like Beth, and you dream of being truly successful in your work without worrying about burning out, we can help. 

Book a free exploratory call with us to explore the Boldheart Business program and just how powerfully it will make a difference in your life. 

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You owe it to yourself (and your family) to have this kind of world-class support.

I believe in you,

P.S. With Spring approaching and change in the air, it’s time to stop working so hard and do something new.  

Go ahead, book that call and let’s chat. I bet we can help. 
Talk soon. xo

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