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Rachel makes $30K per month on maternity leave (you can too)

Hey there sweet friend, if the idea of making $30K a month while you’re on leave – without stress or anxiety – sounds good to you, you must watch Rachel’s inspiring story:

As she shared with me in our recent conversation about her experience in Boldheart, Rachel went from being stuck, and “deeply stressed,” overwhelmed and trapped in an ‘hours for dollars’ system to quadrupling her income. She is on her way to $700K – working less than she’s ever worked before. Want to know how she did it, so you can too? Watch THIS. 

Rachel had only been in business for eight months and had just left her corporate job when she joined us in the Boldheart Business program.

I was working a lot and my husband, at one point looked at me and said, ‘Honey, this is not why we agreed you were going to leave your job.’ I was not good company to be around, and I was the only person doing it all. I only got paid if I worked.”

She knew she needed help:  

I watched your videos, and what deeply resonated was the feminine energy around, ‘It doesn’t have to be a push, push, push.’ You don’t have to be anxious and stressed. In fact, if you put in systems and infrastructure, if you create a well-oiled machine, you can relax. And I remember walking in to the first Leverage module and being like, ‘This is why I’m here.’”

And what happened in her two years with us in the Leverage Program? She works less than ever and has nearly quadrupled her income to almost $450K a year (on her way to $700K a year) and will make $30K a month when she takes her upcoming maternity leave. Amazing!

“I don’t see clients [for] a week of every month. I don’t work in August, and I don’t work December, and I made 435k last year. Next year we’re set to make 650 to 700.

I’m very pregnant, and going to take maternity leave. My company is working for me. I am going to be making $30,000 a month while I am on leave. What?”

What about you, dear one?

=> Are you tired of doing everything yourself, stressed out, working weekends and evenings and unable to grow, relax or take time off? 

=> Do you need to break through your self-sabotaging beliefs and habits to take action in your business and in your life? 

=> Do you wish you had a clear plan to follow and could learn from someone who is already there and will show you the way? 

=> Do you wish you could be part of an inspiring community and mastermind with like-minded entrepreneurs who want you to grow? 

If yes, let’s chat. Everything you need is all here for you, just like it was for Rachel. 

Reach out today to book a free business audit call and Needs Analysis here.

We’ve helped tens of thousands of women do all of these things and more, creating an amazing income while having their life back; I believe we can help you too. 

Click the button below to set up a time to chat with one of our strategy coaches to determine what you specifically need most to transform your business right now. This is the first thing Rachel did! We’re happy to help: 

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Looking forward to hearing you share your own success story,

P.S. If you have been following me or are just learning about what we do, or are on the fence and maybe worried about the cost, Rachel has some advice about giving yourself this gift and investing in yourself: If you’re here, something’s already resonating. Signing up for this program is the first way to step out of that fear place. So many people made their money back [before the end of] the first year. I literally made it back in six months.

Please know that, when you book a free business audit and Needs Analysis here, there is never any pressure or commitment to buy. It’s just a conversation to get to know you and see if you’re the right fit to grow, just like Rachel is doing. We do things in a feminine way. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Talk soon. xo

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