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Nel went from 100K a year to 630K a year, THEN a million a year as videographer and mom of two

If your business was affected by the pandemic and you’re not sure how to make the pivot to recover, you need to meet Nel, an entrepreneur whose work relies on live performance. With our help, she recovered quickly and came back even stronger, hitting $300,000 in one month! If you’ve been thinking of reaching out to talk to us (for free), watch this to get inspired: 

Nel and I have known each other for probably twelve years. After working with us the first time, she got her business to $630,000 a year (from about $100,000) by leveraging every aspect of her business, the way we taught her in The Leverage Program

Then she went off and did life. And we reconnected again in the fall of 2019 when she said, “I think it’s time for me to come back to Boldheart.” 

Psst, not sure how we work? Watch this video below that explains our secret sauce:


Back to Nel…

She lives in New York City and has a business filming dance. (I’m sure you can imagine how drastically things must have changed for her when the pandemic hit.)

Here’s some of what she shared with me in the fall of 2020 about her million dollar goals: 

“Pre-Covid, my goal was a million. In this COVID situation, even though I lost a ton of business, I’ve sort of grown it back and beyond… My team was telling me the other day,’I think you could probably hit a million by the end of the year.’”

Here at Boldheart, it’s more common than you might think to have not only bounced back from the initial lost business due to the pandemic, but many many of our members are actually doing BETTER than before. 

Boldheart Business members are saying, “Well, when COVID first hit, I took a dip, but then right away, you told me to pivot, and you taught me how to move things online, you taught me how to keep my mental strength. And that’s why I’m back up. I’m now exceeding my pre-COVID numbers.” 

I asked Nel to share just how being part of Boldheart Business has helped her pivot and weather this storm. Everybody pivots differently, and Nel needed to first go within (as per my coaching to her) to connect with her spiritual center, and that’s when she could come out of the gates and just crush it. Here’s what she did: 

“I was listening to your video ‘How to Pivot Your Business’, writing in my journal a lot, thinking, praying, and going on the Q&A calls with the whole Boldheart Business Leverage group… 

You kept talking about pivoting, and opening my mind to that…and calling my Accountability Buddy (your Boldheart friend or Boldheart colleague or Boldheart lovey person that holds you accountable every day).”

The pivot that Nel made as a result of the coaching she got in Leverage during this pandemic led to her getting the biggest clients in her field. (Truly magnificent example of taking the coaching given to her!) 

I asked Nel to share what she believes are the important elements of why Boldheart Business helps these hundreds of women make more money, grow their impact, and create things like she has, that is just unthinkable to others, with astonishing results: 

“It’s because of the support, the comradery, the high level support. I’m not just talking about someone being like, ‘You’re going to be okay,’ or ‘Let’s talk through this.’ Like, the HIGH level support…

You gave me practical business advice… If I didn’t have that, I would have been in my head and I would have been whining, ‘Oh, what am I going to do?'”

I asked Nel what she would say to someone thinking about joining us in Boldheart Business, especially the Leverage track (for those already at 8K-10K a month and who want to get to 100K a month and get their life back): 

“It sounds so simple, but I would say, just go for it! We cannot rely on our girlfriends to help us work through our business, and as entrepreneurs, we have so much energy and so many ideas. We really need help to be able to focus, direct our attention, and prioritize ourselves in the right direction. Whatever that may be for each person. 

And, as a result of this, this month alone, I’m bringing in $300,000.”

$300,000 in one month! Is it possible to have such success in business and still have a life? Yes. Nel also has a full and beautiful life, a gorgeous marriage and beautiful children. She exercises, meditates and has time to enjoy the fruits of her labor. 

When I say to somebody, “You’re going to end up making $20K a month when you join us, $50K $100K,” they’re like, “Oh, $100k! I will lose my life!”

To that I say, “No, look at Nel – she has a great life and is making as much as $300K a month.”

Wouldn’t you like to have what Nel has, or something similar? 

I want you to know it’s absolutely possible for you. Let’s talk so we can see how you will do it.


You deserve to have a beautiful life and a successful business, making more than ever, whatever’s happening in the world. 

I believe in you,


P.S. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with how to pivot, you want to grow but things aren’t happening fast enough or you’re getting in your own way, know that support and guidance is available for you too. 

All you have to do is book that free strategy call here.

Talk soon. xo

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