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Meet Manar and hear about her tribe

Here’s what I’ve learned in 18 years in business…

It (you know, this whole “rollercoaster experience” of growing a business) can be really, really hard when you’re on your own.

Here’s my own experience around working solo:

Personally, when I’ve been on my own, I’ve sometimes questioned myself, a lot.

When I didn’t have anyone reflecting them back to me, I’ve sometimes doubted my abilities and my potential for greatness.

When I didn’t have someone holding me accountable, I would let big projects slide.

When I was going about it all by myself, I didn’t really celebrate my successes, so I didn’t feel proud of what I accomplished, feeling bad about myself.

When I was going it solo, I didn’t have a soft place to land when I needed a good cry, or a team of cheerleaders who could put me back on track once I fell and scraped my knee.

When I didn’t have the right tribe of advancing business owners around me, I didn’t feel supported and championed, and that affected my confidence BIG TIME.

But once I got this in my life, not just for a season, but as a LIFESTYLE, everything changed. It put rocket fuel in my belly. I was so much more confident that I took action like never before.

Same with our members. In fact, Manar Morales, a longtime friend and Boldheart Business member, explains the transformation that happens better than I can.

So today, I want you to meet Manar. Watch this:

Manar has grown her business tremendously here in Boldheart Business over the last several years. Part of it is everything we teach (the systems, the processes, the scripts, the strategies and mindset shifts), but as she tells so brilliantly, it’s almost impossible to grow without a tribe, at least one like ours.

It’s about the community we curate so beautifully.

It’s what we hear over and over again about what our members find here. And I believe it’s what makes the biggest difference to the ultimate success of our business owners.

In today’s video, you’ll hear what having this kind of support has meant to Manar and why she recommends that whether you join us here at Boldheart or get this somewhere else…if you’re serious about growing your business, it’s a must have.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Imagine how much easier it will be to make decisions about your business and follow through with them when you have peers to hold you accountable.

Imagine how much easier it will be to rebound from setbacks if you can tap into other business owners who’ve “been there, done that.”

Imagine how amazing it will feel to have people that will authentically and joyously celebrate your wins and accomplishments with you, who cheer you on to keep going.

It’s priceless.

SAD TRUTH => Most of us don’t have a lot of positive, high vibration people in our lives. As sad as that is, as business owners, we must acknowledge a truth:

To succeed, we must surround ourselves with others who value success.

So while what we teach here IS powerful and effective (folks like Manar wouldn’t be coming back year after year if it wasn’t), the secret sauce is the community that supports you to apply what you learn to your business.

Information doesn’t create results. Implementation does.

Maybe you’re ready to implement more? To make better decisions, faster? To have a solid strategic plan that you execute with the support of community that is walking the same path? Answering your questions? Encouraging you when things don’t go well, and celebrating you when they do?

You don’t have to do it alone any more. Let’s talk.

Much love,

P.S. Your Boldheart Journey begins with a simple step. 🙂

All you want to do is to fill out a few questions here, so we can get to know you better. You’ll then be able to gain an awesome strategy call with one of our kickass strategy coaches, who I’ve personally trained to support you to enjoy clarity about your next steps.

And then, if you feel it’s a fit, you can ask your coach to help you to understand the exact support you’ll enjoy here and how you can best use it to achieve your goals.

The best part…you’ll be introduced to your awesome new tribe right away, the one you’ve been waiting for your whole life.

I can’t wait for you to experience what it is to be a true Boldheart. Just click here to watch my video invitation and to speak to a Strategy Coach.




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