Kelly now takes 3 week vacations and her business runs (and grows) without checking in

OK, if you watch only one video from me this year, may it be this one. (I had chills all over my body watching it.)

Today I want to share with you a story about my good friend, Kelly Schaefer, who has been a member of Boldheart Business for six years (because she gets results here, for real).

When she started, she was working solo and barely making ends meet. She was never able to take a vacation without her laptop.

Even though she now owns two successful businesses and a nonprofit…

…it might seem impossible to think that someone like Kelly could take a three-week vacation in Europe without bringing her laptop or checking in, totally unplugged from her business.

And even more impossible to think that her business would grow without her!

But that’s exactly what she did – no laptop, no nothing. Only filling herself back up with good energy. (Radical, I know).

The best part? She was making great money while she was gone AND her business actually grew.

Does this sound too good to be true, but something you would enjoy too if it was actually possible, sweet friend?

Then drop everything and watch today’s video right now, as if your life depended on it. In it, Kelly walks you through exactly what she put in place in her business to make this happen:

Six years ago, Kelly didn’t think that it would be possible to even take a weekend off, let alone three whole weeks. She felt very alone and unsupported, and couldn’t even make time for friendships in her life.

Can you relate?

Fast forward and Kelly now has systems, a second-in-command running her business for her and a team that supports her and her vision (oh, and that business makes her very, very good money).

This extra time and money allowed her to build a second business that’s also thriving, helping people all over the country make their own dreams a reality.

She’s making more money than she ever thought she could with more time and more freedom, to boot.

The truth is that grinding on your business when you feel alone is depleting, and it doesn’t make you any better at running your business. In fact, perpetual exhaustion is damaging to your potential success.

Has this been your life too, working really hard and wondering if it’s all actually worth it?

Well, you can make good money in your business and take a lot of time off, like Kelly and so many of our members do. It is absolutely possible.

And if there’s a resistant voice in your head telling you that this “reality” is just a pipedream or that it can’t happen in your business because your business is different, I want you to really hear what I have to say next.

When you adjust your mindset and you feel worthy and deserving of getting support and taking time off…everything changes, just like it did for Kelly.

You get your life back. You open yourself up to making more money, working less, and experiencing the kind of freedom that you maybe haven’t known in years.

Seriously, watch this video a couple of times.

Let the message sink in.

And, if you’re someone who’s been feeling overwhelmed, alone and unsupported in your business…we’re here for you with open arms. There’s a whole community here invested in your success.

Just reach out here and let’s talk.

With so much love,

P.S. If you are indeed in a place that I described, and vacations seem like a distant and far-fetched dream, I really want to encourage you to reach out so we can talk (there’s no charge).

We can help. This particular struggle is one which we excel at supporting our members to overcome.

Let’s map out what your business, income and life will look like, once you get some help to get out of overwhelm, grow your business exponentially, and gain your life back.

You can apply for a free Strategy Call here.

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