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Judy will inspire you to grow to 7 figures

Have you ever heard of a bookkeeper taking time off during tax season?

What about someone running a business for 20 years alone, without any plans or structure, then changing their whole business to run without them, and going from 100K a year to a million a year in just a couple of years?

A million-dollar a year bookkeeper?? YES => Meet Judy and let her inspire you that it’s possible for YOUR business, as it was with hers (even if you’re not a bookkeeper).

Judy told me she would never have been able to imagine this, until she asked for our help and applied our Leverage principles to create her self-managing business.

Never having spent a dime on her business before, Judy hadn’t considered investing in herself and growing her business with outside help. She followed me for TEN YEARS, kept finding reasons not to join us, and continued doing things all by herself, wondering why she wasn’t growing.

I was running my business by the seat of my pants. I didn’t have any plans, I didn’t have any systems. I was just being me and getting out there and doing my thing…”

Which, of course, kept earning her the same results:

  • Too much work, for too little reward, with no time off and no one to rely on for help.
  • Never taking an unplugged vacation, constantly on the edge of burnout.
  • Without help or systems to relieve her, she was stuck at a plateau in her revenues.
  • All her time spent IN the business, instead of on growth and expansion…with no end in sight. 

Judy finally accepted that it was time for her to get help and invest in her business, even trying out one-on-one coaching with another coach for a while, but quickly became bored as it wasn’t moving the needle on her results.

Then, when she saw someone in her own field had gotten great results from working with us using our innovative methodology, she knew it was time to work with me– so she booked a call, and joined us in the The Leveraged Business Program.

What has changed for Judy’s business since joining Boldheart? Here’s what she shared:

I love the way it’s running better than it ever did before. It runs smoothly. I can go away on vacation and not worry about it. I have a team, we have systems…. I never had that in place. Everybody’s on the same page. I have removed myself a lot from the business. I’m working more ON my business…instead of working IN my business and I’ve leveraged a lot. Everything is just different now. It’s just changed. I’ve learned so much.”

Judy is radiating now that she’s gotten her life back. And she beams with joy like this all of the time now. Because she is now free. She has leveraged her business and it shows.

7 figures

What about you?

  • Are you trying to go it alone and finding yourself stuck, overwhelmed, and burned out?
  • Do you wish you could stop guessing what to work on and instead have a proven, easy-to-follow recipe for growing your business exponentially?
  • Do you long for the support of a positive, loving community of like-minded women entrepreneurs who are also up to big things?
  • Do you dream of working less, having a business that runs itself while you’re away and continues to make money, like Judy does now?

You can have all of this. You too are worthy of having the same kind of caring support, a plan for your business, systems that really work, loving accountability, along with a group of amazing women to do it all with, who will believe in you and champion you. I mean it. You are worthy of this.

Let’s talk about what that would look like for you on a free call.

We are all waiting for you, with open arms and hearts.

I mean it, reach out and set up a free exploratory session, OK? You don’t have to do this all alone, flying by the seat of your pants anymore.

Here for you,

P.S. If you’ve been following me for two weeks, two months, two years or 10 years, and you’ve come up with every excuse and every rule and every fear and every belief to talk yourself out of joining us, this is what Judy recommends for you:

Just do it. Don’t be like me…if I could turn back the clocks in my business, yes, I would’ve signed up 10 years ago because I would be a lot further along. 

Don’t wait 10 years. Don’t do what I did. Definitely do not do what I did. Do it. It’s worth it. The community is amazing. The people are amazing. Fabienne is amazing. The love is just phenomenal. It really is. Really, it’s sincere.”

Yes, you can be making exponentially more and increasing your reach and impact now, not later. Right now.  

We are here to help, all you have to do is book that free strategy call here. It’s where Judy started.

Talk soon. xo

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