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How Liz afforded it and is now thriving

If you’re waiting until you’re “ready”, or are afraid you can’t afford to invest in yourself, Liz’s story is for you. 

Click on the video above to listen to our conversation about how she jumped into Boldheart despite having no idea how she would afford it, accepted the love and support she needed and deserved, worked hard and watched her life change. 

I have been very inspired by Liz and her success in only one year with us. 

Liz is a life coach who is, as she says, “passionate about helping women step into their power,” but…she needed support too. 

I asked her what made her join the Boldheart Business Program and what has happened in that first year:

“I had just gotten out of a really abusive, toxic, manipulative relationship. I felt like garbage and I cried the whole time. Now, I’m crying because I’m so happy.

I told one of the Boldheart advisors what my dream was, and I told her I had no money and that I was broken. And she looked at me the same way that you look at a lot of us, Fabienne. She held space for my dream and she believed that I could do it…and I prayed about it. I heard from my higher power that it was my divine appointment and I needed to be here at Boldheart. 

I have never felt so much love. I think I experienced more love from complete strangers than I had felt in the last five years. 

Honestly, coming into Boldheart, I had not accepted the love and the dignity that I deserved, in friendships, in romantic relationships. The women in this group modeled that for me. The reason I’m crying now is I have a whole new life.”

A whole new life – in one year – during one of the most challenging years for everyone on the planet! 

I asked Liz to tell me more about the community here, about being on the inside of the Boldheart Business Program.

“It’s like coming home, that’s how it feels. It feels like being around family. I get to be every iteration of the person that I want to be as I’m moving into who I’m meant to be. 

There’s so much support here. On the business side, people are just so, so, so generous with their time. They’re willing to answer any questions that you have, they cheer you on…we just get so much support.

I wouldn’t have a business if it wasn’t for you guys. When the pandemic hit, I would have quit. That would have been when I fired myself from my business. I thought I was going to, but you couldn’t get off the hook!”

I asked Liz what elements of the program are the strongest for her:

The strongest for me is the mindset, because anybody can tell you how to do something, but if you don’t have the mindset in place, you’re never going to accomplish it. 

You can only accept what you deserve…and so we learn how to allow abundance and how to show up in our lives. We learn the spiritual practice of discipline, how to eliminate fear, how to just show up and serve and not make it about ourselves. That’s been transformational. 

Then we learn how to sell authentically, without being sleazy, how to market to people without spending a single dollar. I think I spent $20 on my meet-up group and I’ve made thousands. I literally haven’t had to spend a single dollar in advertising. 

At Boldheart, we learn all these things, and I learned how to make my own money. Everything that I wrote down a year ago is now happening. I learned how to make money out of thin air, literally.

Do you feel like you could use some of this for yourself too, dear one? Then let’s get on a call to explore what it might look like to work together, ok?

I asked Liz if she had resistance to joining us, and what she might say to anyone feeling (or facing) resistance or fear of how they’ll afford the program: 

“No, I had no resistance but my family had resistance for me. I had no money. I had no money. 

When I signed up for Boldheart, I didn’t even know where the rest of the money was going to come from. I didn’t know how I was going to pay for my first month. 

But what I did learn is that Fabienne has a really magnetic ‘money, energetic vibration’, and that when I made my commitment to her, I got to step into her vibration – and it raised my own.

Then I side-hustled! I’ve done literally everything it took to be here. 

If you want to make it happen, don’t worry about the money, the universe will provide if you pray and move your feet.”


Sweet friend, I know this has been a tough year for a lot of folks. Maybe for you, too?

And, I also know what’s possible when we get the support and direction we desperately need. 

Reach out today to apply for a free exploratory session and let one of our expert coaches give you that same love Liz got when she shared her dream, at no charge. 

We are here for you. You deserve to be surrounded by people who believe in you. You deserve to invest in yourself. 

Let’s talk, ok? 

We’ve been waiting for you. 

It’s all possible for you,

P.S. There’s no obligation, this call is our gift to you. Give yourself this gift today, ok? 

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