How Alexander tripled his business

I don’t know about you, but when I wonder if I can ever get to the next big level I secretly dream of, I get a boost from hearing about other people’s journeys of triumph.

Sooooo, in that vein, here is some inspiration and an example of what one person I adore is offering as advice.

Watching Alexander flourish here over the last few years has been incredible for me. He is a bedrock of our Boldheart community – and his commitment to continually learning to master the journey of business growth is inspiring.

We like to say that we are a community of amazing women, and a few good men. ;)

So, here’s a bit of advice that he has for you, and an explanation of how he found exactly what he was seeking here:

“I found Boldheart back in 2012 and followed the business for 3 years before I joined. During those three years when I was trying to get better in my marketing and business skills and to attract more clients, I had studied many business and marketing gurus, all men.

I learned a lot from them, but to be honest, probably 50 percent of the strategies that I learned worked. Fifty percent didn’t work, probably because they were not for me, or they were working for bigger corporations, not for small business owners. Some of them were not authentic to me. It was from a woman’s perspective that I learned how to make marketing authentic.

I joined the Growth Track in 2015. The first decision that I made was the commitment to implement and model everything in Fabienne’s formula. I noticed that it was working, so why reinvent the wheel? I decided to implement everything.

Not MOST of the strategies, but ALL that I applied actually produced results.

I like the structure, the step-by-step processes in the curriculum and the Growth Track live meetings that brought me results. In the first year alone, I finally quit my corporate job and I doubled my business. This year, I have approximately 40 percent growth on top of the doubled growth of last year.

My business is 3 times bigger than it was 2 years ago.

I believe you need to work with somebody that has a proven formula. I was previously a portfolio manager, responsible for finding the best investment opportunities in the stock market. In the stock market, you can find good investment ideas that can bring you 10, 15, 20 percent returns. Sometimes a little bit higher. But this investment in yourself is like no other investment. There is no other investment that can surpass this one.

If you want to play a bigger game but you’ve never invested in yourself before, I totally get the feeling of hesitation. It’s not an easy decision, but approach it as a business decision, as an investment decision. Consider the return of the investment.

If you believe that you can bring your investment back in 1, or even 2 years and everything stays with you and your business, then it’s a good investment. Don’t hesitate. Otherwise, looking back three years from now, you will wonder what would have happened if you had been bolder.” – Alexander Nikolov

Very few people ever look at investing in themselves (getting strategy, accountability, a supportive community and right-on-time coaching) as a wise business decision.

And yet, the minute people do, and they implement the strategies within a context of accountability and love, everything changes. They experience results they would never have experienced on their own.

Perhaps you have never seriously invested in yourself before. I get it. It can feel scary at first, until you start seeing the results of your investment. Then, it’s exhilarating. As Alexander said:

“It’s not an easy decision, but approach it as a business decision, as an investment decision. Consider the return of the investment. If you believe that you can bring your investment back in 1, or even 2 years and everything stays with you and your business, then it’s a good investment.”

It becomes an investment in your future, instead of an expense. A wise move toward your bigger future.

Have you secretly been wondering what that could look like for your own life and business, meaning, what it’s like to get the all-encompassing support that allows you to grow like Alexander did, 3 times over?

Maybe we should talk about the way you will get there with some support.
Let’s talk. Apply for a free strategy call with one of our Boldheart Strategy Coaches by clicking on this link.

You’ll get the privilege of having someone work with you to examine where your business is now, what the biggest growth opportunities are for you in this moment, and how to turn those opportunities into results using a proven process of business growth.

(Proven? Yes. For close to 20 years, I’ve been taking individuals through my process to go from 5-figures to 6-figures, and then multiple 6-figures, and eventually to 7-figures, if they so choose.)

Do you too have a yearning deep inside to grow beyond where you are now, like I always have?

If so, it’s time to be bold. Just reach out by clicking here and requesting a chat.

If you are ready to make a big leap in your business…to double it, or even TRIPLE it, let’s get you some support.

Because what Alexander shared is absolutely true…you are your own best investment opportunity.

You can do this. We’ve been waiting for you,

P.S. So many of our members tell me that they watched me for three years… five… SEVEN… before they joined. And they ALL say they wished they’d done it three years… five… SEVEN years earlier.

And I always wonder what would have been possible if they took the leap sooner. If this is you, too, sweet friend, I think it’s time to consider getting yourself fully here.

Reach out and apply for a free strategy session. And let’s see what we can create together to create the impact and the ideal life you dream of.

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