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Sheri joined the program and is now at seven figures helping non-profits with data

I meet a lot of women who believe they can’t (really) have a thriving business as big as multiple 6 figures AND be a present, loving, attentive mother and wife (let alone 7 figures). 

What about you? Have you ever dreamed of running a thriving, multiple six- or seven-figure business, knowing it’s your life’s purpose, but are afraid you’ll have to choose between your ambitions and your family? 

Is it really possible to be a great mom to your children AND a successful business owner?

YES. I know it’s possible because I’ve done it and so many many of our members have done the same, including my dear friend and Boldheart Business alumni Sheri Chaney-Jones. Her story is proof that you can have a six- or seven-figure business, a great marriage and be a great mom…with plenty of time to spend with your family and give back to your community. 

Let Sheri’s inspiring story inspire you to invest in our training and change your life too:  

For Sheri (I suspect for most of us), seeing others succeed while having a family is what helped her make the decision to join our signature program:

“The success that Fabienne had while raising children was inspiring to me. I wanted to learn from her because there were other coaches who were maybe teaching similar stuff but they didn’t have kids. 

I really thought she’d understand what it’s like to be a mother of young kids and be able to go into business…and she didn’t have to compromise. And that’s what I’m trying out today. You can have it all.”

When she first heard of us, Sheri had two small children at home, was working in a high-level government job with a side business that made only about $10K a year. While her 9-5 provided security, she knew she could do much, much more with that business, but that she needed to focus on it fully.

And after only one year with us, Sheri doubled her business revenue AND her husband was able to quit his corporate job to join her business because she had done so well.

She also had two babies in the time she worked with us (now she has four kids!), and has had plenty of time to spend with her children, watching them grow up.

Sheri was also 85% of the way to 7 figures at the time of this conversation, and her business has only continued to grow in impact and revenue. 

What was it about our program that made all of this possible for her? 

  • She structured her business using our proven systems from Day One, which meant she could scale quickly.
  • We taught her  to leverage a team and her time, how to hire, how to market and more.
  • Our loving community of other smart, high-achieving, kind women entrepreneurs (many of them mothers like her) inspired her, supported her and held her accountable to her big goals.

And now, Sheri has revenues of more than a million a year, with 4 kids at home and time to teach at her church. She believes you can too. 

While the details of Sheri’s life may be a bit different than yours, I’m willing to bet you have a lot in common with her…she’s a person of integrity, and has a big heart. 

Would you too like to lead a thriving six- or seven-figure business, while spending plenty of time with your family? Would you like to be part of a loving community of other mompreneurs also going after their big dreams? You too can have this. 

The first step is to schedule a free exploratory call with one of my heart-centered coaches so we can get to know you better and see if we’re a fit for each other.

Let’s shift the things in your business that will help you achieve your next big level, professionally and personally. 

Yes, you can have it all,

P.S. As Sheri said in the video, “This is the best business investment I’ve ever made.” She realized she didn’t know what she didn’t know, and that she couldn’t do it alone any more and she reached out. That was THE defining moment that helped her double her business and set her husband free from his J.O.B. in one year. 

Here’s that link to book your call. 

We want to hear all about your current situation, your challenges and all about your vision for your business and your life. Then, we’ll map out a plan together and explore what it would be like for you to join us in the program. We’ll help you find a way to afford it easily, if you need that. 

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