Fiona makes in one month what she made in one year

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Fiona’s incredible business transformation. Since joining us, she now has financial stability, improved team dynamics, streamlined systems, and a more effective marketing strategy that brings her clients easily, and she’s now on her way to having a million-pound-a-year business.

Want to know how she did it (so you can too)? Watch this:

Prior to her enrollment in our signature program, Fiona had been running her business for over 17 years, but she struggled with financial instability and team management issues, as many do. Feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, she knew she needed a change.

Fiona’s Initial Struggles:

Fiona’s business felt like a rollercoaster of financial highs and lows. She had good people on her team, but they lacked cohesion, and she couldn’t take a day off without experiencing setbacks. Losing four clients in a single week was a significant blow to her morale and meant she was unable to maintain any sense of work-life balance. Fiona needed to unlearn some of her preconceived notions and embrace new ways of thinking and operating her business.

What She Changed With Our Help:

  1. A Rockstar Team: Fiona learned how to lovingly hold her team members accountable. Implementing this strategy led to a remarkable shift in how her team worked together. They gained clarity about their roles and responsibilities, leading to increased pride in their work and a more cohesive, efficient team that produced much better results, without her constant involvement.
  2. Systems For Everything: We showed her the importance of creating and maintaining well-defined systems that allowed her team to work remotely without compromising productivity or efficiency, again, without her constant involvement.
  3. A Bestselling Book: We provided Fiona with marketing insights that enabled her to 10X her business’s visibility and authenticity. She learned to leverage existing resources and marketing assets effectively, including her decision to write a bestselling book in her marketplace, which positioned her as an expert in her field and brought many more clients to her business.

The Power of Mindset:

The mindset teachings and coaching that are “baked into the cake” in our signature program for women at 6-figures played a pivotal role in Fiona’s transformation. She learned to recognize her self-limiting beliefs and overcome the fears that were stunting her growth. The inner work and mindset tools empowered her to push through her previous limitations and think much bigger about what she could achieve in her business.

The Power of a Female Entrepreneur Community:

Being part of our community was a game-changer for Fiona. Surrounded by ambitious, supportive women with a growth mindset, she found the encouragement (and strength) she needed to overcome self-doubt and keep pushing forward. Our ‘tribe’ provided unwavering support that led to many victories (as well as lifelong friends).

Fiona’s Inspiring Results:

Fiona’s business growth was nothing short of phenomenal. She experienced substantial financial growth, achieving in one month what used to take her a year. Her new systems and the support of her cohesive team allowed Fiona to significantly reduce her day-to-day involvement in operations. She enjoyed more downtime and freedom in her life and business, allowing her to take a week’s vacation while her business continued to thrive.

What the Future Holds for Fiona:

She is now taking her business to the next level to become a million-pound enterprise in the coming years.

Fiona’s story is a testament to the transformative power of the Boldheart program. Through the program’s teachings, supportive community, and mindset shifts, Fiona turned her struggling business into a thriving, efficient enterprise. Embracing accountability, implementing effective systems, and leveraging marketing strategies enabled her to experience exponential growth. With her newfound ambition and determination, Fiona is poised to achieve even greater success in the future. Her journey serves as an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to make their mark in the business world with the right tools and support.

Gone are the days of extreme financial fluctuations! Fiona’s business grew exponentially, making more in a single month than she used to make in an entire year before the program.

Now, I’m not sharing Fiona’s story just to share about The Leveraged Business program, but rather to show you what’s possible for YOU. I believe that every woman entrepreneur has the potential to experience such transformations and achieve extraordinary success.

What about you? Is a transformation of this type be something you want?

Then, I’d like to invite you to take the next step in your business journey and apply for a free Strategy Session with one of our coaches. In this session, we’ll listen deeply to your current situation, help you map out a powerful plan of action, and discuss how working closely with us can help you transform your business for the better.

This Strategy Session is a game-changer, the start of the business and life you’ve always dreamed of. Click the button below to answer a few questions and get yourself some clarity: free strategy session

Looking forward to supporting you on your journey to success!

With love,

Fabienne Fredrickson
Author of the book The Leveraged Business
Founder of Boldheart Business

P.S. Don’t forget, the Strategy Session is FREE. There is no obligation whatsoever, and you walk away with a plan of action you wouldn’t have come up with on your own. I hope you love it.

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