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Erin now makes in a month what she used to make in a year

Today is a glimpse into the life of a woman who keeps it real.

Yes, Erin now makes in one month what she used to make in a whole year, as a result of being in Boldheart Business. (Wow.)

But what’s really inspiring about Erin is that she dramatically increased her business with us while having challenges at home with one of her beautiful children.

In my eyes, she is the epitome of the “every woman,” the “every business owner,” because let’s be honest, who doesn’t have something going on at all times? I don’t know anyone for whom everything is perfect all at once.

I invite you to listen to her story in today’s video right now, because regardless of what your business does for the people you serve, Erin did something very, very smart to ensure that she would succeed.

Faced with a challenge that so many women face, she made a bold decision. To get help.

Watch now to see the impact that it’s had on her business and her personal life:

Many of the women (and a few good men) in our community started their business to have more freedom and flexibility to raise their family. It’s an incredibly common thread among our collective stories.

Of course, there are challenges that come with this choice. When a child is going through a difficult time, there’s a risk to the business…

…because we are mothers, first. (At least that’s how I feel.)

We drop everything else to give our children everything they need. Of course we do.

Faced with this very situation, Erin did the counterintuitive thing. Instead of stepping away from her business, she joined us here at Boldheart to get help to grow her business.

Why? Because she needed an anchor. She needed unconditional support, for her work and for her personal life, friends who would be there. She needed to create a container of commitment so that she wouldn’t lose sight of her business in the face of the needs of her family.

And she didn’t lose sight of it.

In fact, as she shares in this week’s inspiring video, she now makes in a month what she used to make in a year. She moved from 5 figures (the Growth Track) to 6 figures (the Leverage Track) in less than a year. She’s expanding her business into a much more profitable partnership.

And she still has the time, space and energy required for her family.

Probably more of it now.

This is why we do what we do. It’s about creating structure, support and community. It’s about putting yourself and your family first in the mix, without abandoning the very thing that will support you and your family to thrive (your business).

It’s not about this OR that. It’s about this AND that, as she shows us so bravely.

It’s about giving you a plan and holding you lovingly accountable to following through on that plan.

This is what creates the results that Erin shared. It’s what can create results for you.

What about you? Would it make sense for you to explore joining our magnificent tribe and getting the guidance you need?

You have known for some time that you can’t really do this on your own.

My advice? Come be with people who believe in you. Get the support and guidance you need. Now, not later.

Let’s have a chat about your business and where it could be in one year. Click here to explore what that could look like for you and let’s map out your future like we did with Erin.

You don’t need to do it alone.

We have been waiting for you this whole time.


P.S. Just one no-charge conversation is how your Boldheart Journey can begin. Maybe you’ve been watching from the sidelines for a decade, or maybe you just found your way to us a few weeks ago.

Either way, it’s time to activate that potential within you and be supported, lovingly held accountable and guided to grow your business the Boldheart Way… Reach out! Don’t be shy.  You can have a call with one of our caring strategy coaches and discover a business community like no other. They, too, will become your best friends, because they’re on the same journey you are on.

Let’s create results for you, no matter what’s going on at home.

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