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Multiple 6 figures AND 4 kids at home? YES

We women business owners are often moms first.

It can be easy to doubt whether we can pursue our big business dreams AND be a super present mom with our family…or if we’ll ever be good enough at either one.

(The messages we receive from the world about having BOTH aren’t usually very supportive.)

If you’re a mom, you too are probably wondering “Is it really possible to build the business of your dreams, grow to multiple six (even seven) figures, AND have the time and energy to be a great mom with a full family life?” 

YES. Not only have I done it (I have 3 kids), I have also guided hundreds of fellow mompreneurs to scale to six and seven figures – with their lives back.

Today, be inspired by Rachel, a Boldheart whose four kids are a huge part of her “big why”:

As Rachel shared, when she found me and my signature program, she was looking for something MORE than just straight business coaching. She also wanted a female mentor who truly knew what it’s like to get to a million a year in your business, while being a mom who’s there:

“I identified with Fabienne originally because she’s a mom. She’s successful. She’s done it. She believes that you can have a successful business and be a great mom. That was a big thing for me…a mentor who could challenge the status quo, not care what people would say, and just still go for it.”

Yes, I showed her it could be done, as have many of our members; Rachel then took everything we offered her and put it to use in her business and her life.

Her results after just a little more than a year with us?

“Since being in the Boldheart Business program, I’ve experienced great results. I’ve come so far. I have crossed the 6-figure mark (almost multiple 6 figures), and more importantly, I have a whole team who supports me so that I can focus on exponential growth activities to serve more people and spread the goodness around.”

So what was it about Boldheart that made the difference for Rachel?

According to her, it was not just one thing, but all of the ingredients of our secret sauce:

  1. The proven business strategy that gave her the exact steps to scale exponentially, with plenty of time for her family.
  2. The mindset that helped her commit deeply to her unique path, no matter what others thought.
  3. The world-class mentorship from expert coaches (including me) who truly understood her challenges as a mompreneur.
  4. A loving community of like-minded, ambitious entrepreneurs who really ‘got’ her and supported her every step of the way.

With these very powerful Boldheart elements for mompreneurs who want to get to multiple 6 figures (even a million), it’s absolutely possible to succeed in business, even when you have a bunch of little ones at home, like Rachel and I and so many of us do.

We totally get that you have dreams of success AND that being a parent is absolutely your utmost priority. And we know you can have both because we’ve got the recipe to help you achieve both, with plenty of time to enjoy your life.

We are Boldheart Women.

We do business, success, community and family like no one else.

It’s why Rachel joined us and stayed for years. Perhaps it is why you should too?

The only way we can tell if this is the right place for you is for you to book a free strategy session today so we can talk, like she did.

Let’s explore what’s possible for you in the next 12-24 months when you finally get the right help for you. No strings attached. We can talk about what’s going on in your business now and how we might help get you where you want to go.

And yes, we can talk about making your personal life even more rewarding by giving you your freedom back (your kids will thank you, so will your partner).

Start with this video invitation from me and let’s get you the help you need.

You truly can have it all,

P.S. If you can relate to Rachel and perhaps have been following me for a while, but you haven’t made a decision yet to book a free call with us, consider what she had to say about joining us:

“You should absolutely join. If you’re ready to go all in, and success in your business is something that you’ve really wanted, this is definitely the place to be. It’s all possible!”

Yes, it IS possible to create success on your own terms, to have self-reliance and financial independence, whether you are a mom or not, solo or partnered.

We believe in you, and we are here to help. Let’s get you on your way to the success you want.

Don’t put it off any longer, ok?

Book your exploratory session today.


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