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I dare you not to fall in love with her

Ugh. Are you feeling alone too?

Are you like the rest of us in that you sometimes feel isolated in your solo business?

Unsure if you’re making the right decisions because you’re operating in a vacuum, without any wise feedback?

And sometimes (often) you feel like you’re all over the place, going from one idea to the next, without clear direction and a (real) plan?

Unfortunately, for almost every solo business owner I’ve ever met (and I’ve met tens of thousands), this silent “killer” that is isolation can lead to self-doubt and a total loss in confidence.

(Maybe you know just what I mean. Sorry if it sounds a little sad, but I promise, I will cheer you up in a second!) Heehee.

In a situation where we only have ourselves to rely on, unsure if we’re actually making the right move, this can be totally disastrous to our business and leads to inadequate growth.

Ale B spoke on my stage recently about her business journey, and she perfectly describes what is (probably) your own journey right now. By the way, there’s no shame in it, we all experience it when we’re working to grow our business in isolation.

Ale B was there too. (Get ready for an irresistibly BIG personality, just the way I like them!!) If you’re in the place where you haven’t quite figured things out yet…or you’ve ever thought you had it figured out, but then realized you didn’t…

…watch THIS video. You’ll see how it works when you turn things around:

(If nothing else, jump to minute 6 and try not to cry, and then try not to laugh.) 😉

Soooooo, is it possible to go from barely making it to the end of the month to tripling your business revenues, in just one year?

Yes, it happens all the time here, and Ale B is a perfect example of what happens when you align yourself with a community that has a common goal, gives you all the concrete tools you need, sees the best in you and then believes in you, hard.

You go from taking two days to research something on your own, as Ale B said here, to getting your answer in 10 minutes.

All your questions get answered. Your fear dissipates. You gain clarity and confidence. And that’s when you boost your business forward dramatically, and make a lot more money, like Ale B did.

Imagine, for a moment, that you could shift your results by simply removing isolation from the equation.

What could happen? (Seriously, imagine.)

And conversely, imagine for a moment, what would happen if you did absolutely NOTHING and stayed in the exact same situation you’re in now, working in either total or scattered isolation for the next few years.

Which feels better? (Answer this one honestly – you don’t need to tell me the answer. This is for you.)

I can tell you that it changes a LOT of things when you decide to seek guidance and community. We see it everyday at Boldheart.

We hear from our new members, as they exhale in relief that they too feel like they’ve found their home…

…and that they don’t feel lost anymore, because they know exactly what to do now.

That’s priceless in the course of a solo business.

Could we be yours? Are you meant to be with us?

Do you kinda want to find out? (I do.)

Let’s talk, my sweet friend. There’s nothing to lose. Maybe we’re meant to help you, and maybe we’re not. But there’s only one way to find out.

The end of feeling alone is one simple decision to reach out, in faith (not fear).

You can fill out this short form to tell us a little bit more about you and we’ll see if we can help.

Don’t be shy.

We love you already, and we’ve been waiting for you,

P.S. Isolation is not a forever problem because it’s a solvable problem. Whether it’s here at Boldheart, or somewhere else, it’s a problem that you must solve if you want to grow. When you say yes to getting the right strategic steps for growing your business within the right tribe, you begin to finally see who you (really) are and what you are meant to do because it’s being reflected back to you.

Then, you take bold action like never before. You’re got fire in your belly!!

Everything gets easier when you stop being worried or afraid of asking for help, and instead, reach out for help, in faith that maybe, just maybe, it could work. Imagine!?!

We’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Please reach out here so we can love you to success. xo


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