Charisse jumped from 10K a year to 10K a month

Ooooooooh, if you get inspired by seeing a woman (who was a divorced mom of 2) fully step into her power and create more impact (and money), watch Charisse’s video now.

Today’s message will benefit you if you are struggling to get your business off the ground and wondering why it’s not more fulfilling or happening fast enough.

I invited Kiva (Master Coach in Boldheart Business) to sit down with Charisse and find out exactly how she turned this around and why she is on track to hit 100K this year (10K a month or more), turning her yearly income into her monthly income.

I invite you to watch the video intently and take notes, sweet friend:

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The key to Charisse’s success was a complete shift in mindset that allowed her to get out of scarcity and struggle and feel worthy of receiving more. This is what we specialize in at Boldheart, beyond just the systems and processes you need.

As a result of learning from Kiva and me, she stepped out of the small belly-dancing container she was in and started a new venture with a bigger, bolder vision that rolls all her passions into a single business, creating a much bigger impact.

In today’s video, she talks about the specific things she got from Boldheart Business that allowed her to create such incredible momentum. (You should ideally write these down.)

She chose us because we don’t partake in the hype that’s rampant in my industry, and she prefers how we “open the kimono” about what really works and exactly how to do it.

Would you like us to share what works (and only what works) with you, so you can turn your yearly income into your monthly income like Charisse is doing?

Here’s where you can book a free exploratory call today, just to find out more.

You don’t have to stay stuck at the same level. Just reach out so we can talk, okay?

Don’t be shy. We are here to help. (With no hype, only love.)

With all my heart,

P.S. Let’s turn your yearly income into your monthly income like we did with Charisse, OK? We’re here to help. Reach out here to see if you qualify for a free Strategy Call with one of our amazing and caring Coaches.

Trust your intuition, sweet friend.

We’ve been waiting for you this whole time.


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