Can you laugh AND grow your biz? Watch.

There is a video I’ve been sitting on for a while, and I wasn’t sure I was EVER going to share it with you…because honestly, it’s not our typical buttoned-up business testimonial type-of-thing. I would have put it on the bloopers reel.

At first, I worried that it wasn’t professional enough to show you. That people wouldn’t take it seriously. And then I reminded myself that I don’t make decisions based on what people think of me (and neither should you). So, here goes

It’ll give you a little taste of the love and laughter we experience in The Client Attraction Business School tribe (separate from all the awesome business stuff we do).

I dare you to watch it now and not laugh (and if you love it, you belong with us):

If you read between Tom and Tulis’ improvisational lines, this moment in time is a very real representation of some of what happens in our meetings, apart from all the ninja business-building exercises, reverse-engineering of business goals, high-level masterminding, accountability structures and all that fun “professional” stuff we do. Read between the lines and you’ll see the deep bonds we form here…

And Tom and Tulis are right. We all need a community.

You CANNOT do it alone, and who would want to anyway, when you can be in the company of others you will end up calling your best friends after just one week?

There’s no question that we are a unique tribe of supportive business owners. If you think we’re your tribe and want to massively grow, AND have fun and make friends at the same time, fill out your application to speak to one of our Strategy Coaches today by clicking here (it’s free).

That way you don’t have to miss out on this type of fun any more. Plus, you learn how to have an amazing business, make more money while gaining your life back and have a community like no other at your back.

I mean, really… What could be better than that? ;)

You can apply to map out your next 12 months at no charge with one of our (also awesome) Strategy Coaches here.

Come have fun with us,

P.S. “Not only do you get business advice, you get centerpieces”??? Yes Tom and Tulis, you have taken the testimonial video to a whole new level. For. Sure.

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