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Anne doubled her income and you can too

Want to double your income, then double it again next year? And do it with “feminine ambition”? Keep reading!

That’s what Anne McGuire has achieved in less than two years with us (in the middle of a pandemic!) She didn’t do it alone though – you gotta watch this now to hear how being part of the Boldheart community has really moved the needle for her. Watch this:

When Anne and I chatted recently about her success, she had been with Boldheart for less than two years. Her business was growing, but she was overwhelmed and knew she needed help

She looked at a number of coaches and chose Boldheart because of its proven ‘recipe’ for business success. 

“I don’t want to be trying out all these different people and figuring out who’s going to work for me. So that’s what made the difference.”

Having an accountability partner to check in with daily also helped Anne move forward rapidly: 

“It’s been really wonderful, and my business has grown.” 

Let’s just talk for a moment about that revenue growth – DOUBLING HER INCOME – in the middle of a pandemic!!! 

It doubled this past year and I should be able to double it next year, but I can’t do it by myself. I need the continuing support. Every time we come to one of the Activators – our quarterly online meetings – it’s usually perfect timing for what I need to be doing next, and the support along the way.

Even during the pandemic, I did increase my fees, which I was really very nervous about, but all my clients…signed on again.

Wow. Just – wow. Congrats, Anne! Doubling revenues inside two years and then on track to double revenues again in the coming year, without losing a client. 

I know it might seem crazy, or impossible, but Anne is a real person, getting real results by showing up and following our recipe. Many of our members have had similar results, and while this has been a very difficult year on many levels for some people, lots of our members have told me that this past year was actually one of their best yet. 

When I asked Anne what aspects of the program she found best for her, she said: 

“All of them!

The Masterminding, the Activators, the Implementation Sessions. All of them seem to come at the right time. And the daily accountability, the Q&As, sometimes I’m like, ‘Oh, too busy to come on the Q&A. I’m just going to come listen.’ And sometimes, everyone else’s questions are my questions, and they’re just being answered. It’s that sort of one-on-one we get – access to talking to you or talking to our pod leader. There’s always support out there.

Signing up for the two-year program was initially a leap for Anne, despite knowing that our ‘recipe’ was what her business needed to grow. Here’s what she shared about how she felt: 

“Oh, total fear. For a while, I didn’t tell people… Now it’s so easy for me to say, ‘Oh, I have got my Boldheart Program.’”

Anne also had some advice for someone thinking about joining our program:

I would say just don’t think twice about it. There’s just so many things that have changed about me and confidence and just the ability to keep going. There’s so many times that I just kind of want to give up because we’re working hard.

You work hard, but you’re not alone. You have someone to talk to every day who’s doing the same thing or working harder than you half the time, so it’s like you’re trying to keep up… Just dig in and go for it ’cause I think you’ll become more successful all round in your life and your business.”

Here’s what she had to say about our loving, supportive community of entrepreneurs:  

It changes everything when you’re working towards a common goal with exceptional people who are really connected with their hearts, but they have this ambition. 

So it’s like this feminine ambition. I’m really inspired by that, too. 

They’re all different and it’s so much fun just to be inspired by them but to go through the tough times with them ’cause it’s all about that love and safe place, which is so important. It’s like, you feel every– we all cry and things, but…you get to the heart of where you’re at, and there’s so much support out there.”

We love you, Anne! I know this is just the beginning and couldn’t be happier for your success. 

How about you?

=> Are you tired of running your business on your own (and probably just TIRED), guessing or unsure of your next steps and wishing you had a solution?

=> Are the people who love you the most at their wit’s end, watching you push yourself month after month without the rewards to show for it…and you don’t know what to tell them?

Just like Anne, you too can know your next steps, build systems to help you grow so you can finally offload those 15-hour days and create the revenue and impact you deserve. 

You can do this. 

Sound good? Book an exploratory call with one of our heart-centered strategy coaches and find out what you need to do to get off that hamster wheel.

We’ve been waiting for you. 

Lots of love,

P.S. Passionate, ambitious entrepreneurs like you deserve to have the revenues and life of your dreams so that you can make a HUGE impact the world. You can do this; we are here to help.

Let’s talk and see if our ‘recipe’ sounds like the right one for you.

Looking forward to hearing what’s in your heart. xo

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