Are you tired of second guessing your next steps on your own?

Most business owners wish they had more clarity but don’t know where to find it.

Do you wish you had more clarity about your business direction and how to get control of your business while increasing your income and freedom?

Our heart-entered Strategy Coaches are happy to schedule a Get Acquainted call with you to hear more about your situation as it is now, determine what’s not working, give you clarity on next steps, and map out a plan of action with you – at no charge.

We can also explore how the Boldheart business program can help you put that plan in place faster. Either way there is no pressure – it’s not our style.

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Does this sound familiar?

You’re overwhelmed and lacking a bit of clarity. This is normal. There comes a time for most business owners when going that one step further seems that one step too far. Like that next level has a barrier just a little too high to climb and you can’t quite scale it. This feeling isn’t a bad thing. This feeling is, in fact, a great thing. It usually means that you’re getting the signal that it is time to break through the 6-figure mark, hit your next multiple of 6-figures OR even click over into the 7-figure space.

If you’ve known for some time that a change is needed, then the next best step you can make now is registering for a Boldheart Exploratory Strategy Session. It’s 100% free, private, 1-on-1 and designed to help you gain clarity on where your focus needs to go so that you can make your next great leap.

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Imagine what business would feel like...

If you didn't have to go at it alone anymore?

Being an entrepreneur is one of the toughest trials that anybody can commit themselves to. That being said, the payoff can be significant when it all comes together with the way we dream and hope it will – and this is why brave souls like you go on the journey.

A little known lesson that many of us who do go into business for ourselves don’t discover quickly enough though is that the struggle is greatly reduced when we learn to stand on the shoulders of giants.

This is what the Boldheart Talk to Coach offer is about.

With just one exploratory call, we’re able to look into your business with you, pull back some of the curtains you may have kept shut for a while and pour the light onto the things that are going to move the dial for you as you prepare yourself to take your next big step up.

Leverage support from internationally recognised leaders

My message for you, sweet friend

Have you ever stopped and wondered what your business would actually look like if you genuinely had somebody in your corner who you could openly talk to about things like your big vision, your strategic next steps or your big business challenges that keep knocking you back? Somebody who wouldn’t judge you because they too have walked the path, battled the battles and understand the hurdles that exist on the track towards success?

If you haven’t – then it’s the time, my friend. You, are not alone – even though I know that sometimes it feels like you are.

If I’m being honest, it really doesn’t seem like too long ago that in my own business I was working my heart out, giving everything… being a mother, being a wife, being an entrepreneur – and somehow not being able to push through the low-income 4-figure months. I didn’t get it. I was frustrated, I was confused, I was exhausted and many times I felt alone. I wondered if I was good enough.

Fast-forward and I can proudly say that I’ve enjoyed 12 consistent years at 7 figures annually in my business. The difference? I got help. But not just any help, I got the right help, with the right mentors, who gave me the right blueprint for where I was at that moment in time, and from that, I was able to transform my entire business – but best of all, I was able to transform my family’s life. Getting help changed everything.

Today, I spend my time working with entrepreneurs and business owners around the world who are potentially just like you: ambitious, highly skilled, highly dedicated to serving others, but not necessarily reaping the fruits of all their hard work. Better yet, I now have a small, specialized team who I’ve personally trained and developed who focus on one thing: taking business owners just like you and marching alongside them shoulder-to-shoulder through to their next level of success, giving them the strategy, structure and community of other women entrepreneurs they need to succeed.

My invitation to you is to take me up on a complimentary strategy session with one of my specialized, dedicated mentors by clicking on the button below. It might just be the best conversation you’ve had in a long while.

Big Question Time...

What might happen if you stepped up?

One of the many reasons why so many women in business don’t step into their potential is because they carry a belief that real success isn’t for them to have.
More and more women in business around the world are showing up to play their biggest game…

Businesses driven by women up 114%
Women-led companies in the United States have grown by over 114% in the last 23 years.

More women are hitting 7 figures
Over the past decade, women-led businesses turning over $1m+ have sky-rocketed by 46%.

Women are lifting the economy
Women-led businesses produce almost $2 TRILLION annually in the US alone!

Register Below...

We want to help you get 'there' faster

Your version of ‘there’ is a special place that is unique to you and a level of success that you no doubt have dreamt about for quite some time.

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Deciding to leverage the right kind of support is the best decision any female entrepreneur can make. It is often the missing piece in going that next rung further up the ladder of business success. This offer is perfect for you if…

We Get Results...

Don't take our word for it

You only need to spend a few moments looking through the success that our Boldheart community has had to see that we know how to help better than anyone else.



Boosted her revenue by 5x



Posted record growth in 7 days



Effectively doubled her business



Revenue increased by 800%



Company grew by over 100%




Of coached companies reported having positively benefited from engaging in a coaching commitment
Of businesses that underwent coaching reported having clarity on their vision as a result
Of coached companies would recommend business coaching to other SME business owners
Sources: Cogent Research, Association Resource Centre Inc, & PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Here's a Thought...

Are you really your own boss?

If most people who start a business do it because they want to be their own boss, yet many feel like they have no control and earn less than what they would do in a job… what’s the point?

Why do people go into business?

People brave the jungle of business ownership for a range of reasons, and it turns out that the most popular is that they crave the notion of becoming their own boss and having freedom. However, as you’ve probably experienced at one point or another, in the process of getting to 5 figure months as a minimum, it can feel like you become a slave to the very thing you created.
Wanted the empowerment of being their own boss      43%
Had a great idea to pursue
Hoped to make more money
Took over a family business
Didn’t want to climb the corporate ladder
Had no other career prospects

700% ROI

Business owners who actively commit to a level of business coaching tend to see an ROI of 700% and beyond!

Sources: As above & The Alternate Board

Let’s Chat…

We want to help you grow

With a complimentary, exploratory strategy session with an expert coach here at Boldheart, there’s no telling to what just an hour of your time with us might produce.
Very few people who have succeeded in business have done so by themselves, manning the trenches of business all alone. “Self-made” is very rarely an accurate title which as you probably know, gets thrown around a lot. Real success in business is undeniably down to an entrepreneur’s ability to connect with the right communities, mentors and coaches who can help them fill the gaps that they themselves often don’t realize exist.
Register below to book your free strategy session with a Boldheart coach – you deserve this.

If you’re looking for your next level of income and impact business and are unsure where to turn, this might just be the place to start…

Jumping on a Boldheart strategy session with one of our expertly trained coaches is simple, rewarding and fun – not to mention probably unlike anything you’ve experienced in the past. The first thing you need to know is that it’s absolutely complimentary and it’s 100% obligation free – we just want to hear about your situation, see what’s not working and map out with you, a plan of next steps.

All you have to do is fill in your details on this page, we’ll then ask a couple of extra quick questions so we can learn more about you and then following that, and if you qualify, we’ll get a date and time booked in for a call that suits your calendar.

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