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The Podcast For 6-Figure Female Entrepreneurs

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The Leveraged Business Podcast With

Fabienne Frederickson

Expert interviews, mini-execution
plans, and intimate behind-the-scenes
secrets from my biggest launches… all tied together
by our mutual mission to make
EVERYTHING you learn as simple, profitable,
and FUN as possible.

The Leveraged Business podcast brings
to life Fabienne's book, The Leveraged Business,
offering a practical roadmap to scale your business to 7-figures without sacrificing your life.

Inspiring conversations with women who’ve reached 7-figures with children at home, mixed with practical information you can use today and tools to get you out of overwhelm and into 100K months.

We cover a range of topics like hiring a trustworthy team, delegating effectively, setting boundaries in business so you can focus on exponential growth activities, setting up systems to gain control, shifting business model to create more passive income, and the mindset of a 7-figure business owner who doesn’t sacrifice her life or her femininity.

Join a community of supportive entrepreneurial women (with heart!) and discover how to get your business under control and grow it to multiple six or seven figures, with your life back.

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Grow Your Business, Without Sacrificing Your Life

My revolutionary book is the new definitive roadmap for women who want to grow their impact, while creating financial security for themselves and their families and increasing their time off to enjoy lives they love.

If you’re overwhelmed at 6-figures, wondering if it will ever be possible to reach 20K, 50K, even 100K a month with several weeks of unplugged vacations each year, this book will show the methodology for how to do it, step-by-step.

Here's What Readers Are Saying

I love this book! Fabienne has such a unique ability to pinpoint the specific shifts needed to reach big goals. Not only do I feel like I know the external steps to take to build my business, but I also understand the internal shifts. This book is perfect for anyone looking to grow a business.


This is the book I’ve been waiting for. I found it to be frank advice for the entrepreneur who wants to grow with appropriate planning and forethought. It isn’t a get rich quick thing. You’ll have to do the work, but I can see the advice provided helping me move forward in my business.


You can have a successful business, make an impact in the world, and still have the life you want. In The Leveraged Business, Fabienne shows you how shifting your mindset and implementing the Eight Activators will give you the power to take your business to the next level.


It provides all the information on how to free myself from working all the time and how to run a business that is run by and with an awesome team and systems. There are so many success stories and I am going to be one of them too!!!!


It’s almost like a written blueprint on how to move your business to the next level! And Fabienne’s doing this with integrity, authenticity and love that you can sense through the pages. And it’s not just theory, it provides the practical steps that you need to make it happen.


If you’re an early-stage entrepreneur struggling to figure it all out and worried about burnout or if you’re already a successful entrepreneur but are overloaded, overwhelmed, and overworked, this common-sense book offers a ton of insight that will help you navigate so you don’t feel like you’re drowning.


Fabienne tells you how to go from round-the-clock busy running your business to getting the help that you need to take control of your life again. She shares stories and examples to paint a clear picture that you can see and feel. Read this one if you are ready for mega-success and much more freedom, too.


This book is all you’ll need if you own a business and are recovering from Covid19 losses, or want to start a business to take advantage of this unique time as we recover from it. Fabienne is authentic, tough minded, a visionary, yet kindhearted… and truly brilliant. Everything is here using step by step “Activators” which make you think differently and provides hundreds of aha moments and actionable steps to follow. But more, you’ll feel like you’ve made a new friend and a reliable mentor by the end of this book.


I implemented several ideas from your book and I made 500,000 Euro in my business. Within a year I went from making 80,000Euros to 500,000Euros. I have two members on my team and I work 16 hours a week. Thank you.

Deborah Cabau


Meet Your Host, Fabienne


Hi, I’m Fabienne, founder of Boldheart.com. I have a deeply held belief that women feel safe in the world when they make their own money (lots of it).

The best way I know of is to be successfully self employed and to discover how to turn your business into an ATM.

It’s also when you feel you finally have it all, whatever “all” means to you.

For 22+ years, I have powerfully mentored tens of thousands of women business owners to grow, then scale their businesses, earning them tens of millions collectively each year, while increasing their time off to enjoy lives they love.

My Leveraged Business methodology is based on my 15 years experience in generating multiple 7 figures annually with three children at home, while taking 14 weeks of unplugged vacations each year. It is proven to work (you can do this too).

All you need to do is be open to following a different formula. And it all starts with diving into these heart-led conversations to explore the possibility of a new future for yourself.

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