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  • Instant Access

  • PDF download of The Client Attraction System®

  • PDF download of 45+ worksheets and templates

  • Lifetime access to all materials

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  • Quick-Start Secrets to Attracting 3 New Clients

  • The Secrets of Master Networkers

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Our guarantee honors us both. I want this program to work for you, just as much as you want it to work for you. Our guarantee is a two way street. It is based on not only what I do but on what you do to get results. If you ask for your money back, I will ask you for your completed assignments. I want to see everything you've done and I want to know that you went through the program not half-heartedly, but in earnest, with commitment and dedication. If you can show me all this and that you really worked the program, and if you still didn't get results, then I will be happy to refund you. It's only fair. (I wish I could teach you this through osmosis, but even I'm not that good).


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What kind of business success and growth are entrepreneurs just like you experiencing as a direct result of this program?

As a direct result of completing this program, I closed $64,000 in new contracts with 3 new clients whose needs are in alignment with my areas of expertise and passion, and I engaged an existing ideal client in extending his project work with me into a monthly retainer. All of this took place based on my steady, consistent application of the content from the program.

Rebekah Marler

The following week, I signed one new small business for a 5 month consulting project and started projects with two other solo-entrepreneurs. Within one month after completing the program, I no longer have a full time job! Fabienne creates an amazing program and delivers content that will change you and your business.

Amber McCue

Right after the program, I created and am holding my first live event, and have already sold the first three spots. The program is already reaping results beyond just the money earned. After the program I attracted 3-5 people for ongoing coaching and/or VIP days, leading to a total of $20-$30,000!

John Rasiej

After completing the program, I revamped my package design, upped my offers, and enrolled 3 new clients in 2 weeks to my high end program. That made it my highest paying month EVER! Now I am on my way to creating 50% more prosperity in my business in this fiscal quarter than I had in an entire year previously.

Karen Stultz

Since completing Fabienne's program, six new ways to make money have presented themselves and I am looking at close to $100,000 in referral fees because of it in the next few months! My advice for those thinking of getting this information, just do it. It was the BEST decision I have EVER made! I can't tell you how much my life has changed from this program.

Marina Collazo

Since completing the program, I got an $8000 job, my largest single sale ever! I wrote 2 books - yes, 2! I realized the importance of women friends and associates. We have so much to learn from each other. My business has completely shifted. I'm not only providing a valuable service, but I'm charging more for my services, and getting it! This will be my best year in business.

Marlene Allen