November 14-16, 2018

Atlanta, Georgia

"I'm looking forward to teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know to play a much bigger game in your business, attract more ideal, high-paying clients, make way more money than you're making now so you too can live the freedom-based lifestyle you deserve! I will personally reveal and show you exactly how to use my step-by-step mindset and wealth abundance formulas - so you can think much bigger about what's possible for you in your business (and in the world) and then clear the gunk so you can be of service with so MANY more clients than you're working with now and make a difference in the world. It's all possible when you're shown exactly how. When you apply these strategies, you can bring in clients within a few days or weeks and generate an EXTRA $5,000 - $15,000+ a month to take your existing business to multiple five-figures, six figures, multiple six-figures and beyond, in record time. (It's actually a really simple, and fun process when you're shown the RIGHT way of doing it by someone who has personally done this before and will hold your hand along the way.) The 'Mindset Retreat' will show you how. Guaranteed."

Read Your 7-Point Mindset Retreat Overview, Then Register Below Before We Close!

  1. YES, I understand that General spaces are limited so it's important that I act now before registration closes.

  2. YES, please provide the Mindset Retreat Binder. This binder is the complete high-content presentation from the Mindset Retreat that is chock-full of ready-to-use content that I can immediately model and implement in my own business.

  3. YES, please include any and all Mindset Retreat Worksheets at the event. I will receive worksheets so I can follow along and participate with the content and implementation right there at the live retreat. These worksheets will literally hold my hand as I do the work to get the results that I want. Using these worksheets can save years of struggle and effort trying to do the work on my own.

  4. YES, please include ALL of the Templates, Scripts, Resources, Examples, Checklists and Cheat-sheets from the Mindset Retreat. I will receive all of these amazing tools that Fabienne personally uses in her own business that I can immediately use and implement in my own business. This includes the famous "The Billionaire Game", "Your Ideal Life", "Your Big Why", "Goal Cards" and "I Am Statements" exercises as well as many more. I understand that I can model these resources!

  5. YES, I understand that after completing my registration I will be given the opportunity to invite my spouse or business/life partner at a reduced tuition of only $495.

  6. YES, I understand that by registering I receive special "backstage" access to the 2019 Planning & Strategy Day with Fabienne as a bonus.

  7. YES, I understand I'll be sent hotel and logistics information after I register.

  8. YES, I understand I will receive a TON of pre-event bonuses such as bonus training videos, an online Facebook group where I can network and mastermind with attendees before the event even starts and so much more!

The minute you sign up is the minute your life begins to change. At that point, the universe feels your commitment and rallies around you to make the changes you committed to. And so you will begin seeing little shifts and opportunities show up as soon as you register.

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Amanda Hinman

"During the event, I received clarity and confidence and since then I have attracted new ideal clients, paying over a 100% increase in fees! In addition, I have attracted opportunities to speak in groups over 5 times the size of my previous audiences. I now have a renewed sense of excitement in my business!"

Rebekah Marler

"As a direct result of attending this event, I closed $64,000 in new contracts with 3 new clients whose needs are in alignment with my areas of expertise and passion, and I engaged an existing ideal client in extending his project work with me into a monthly retainer. All of this took place based on my steady, consistent application of the content from the program."

Stephanie Borden

"Since Mindset Retreat I have gained 6 new clients with 4 more potential clients to come. I actually met a potential new client at the retreat, which was completely unexpected. My website is redesigned and I now ASK for business and referrals."

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