Jenifer Madson

I began working with Fabienne about two and a half years ago. I came to New York City in 2013 after divorcing my husband of 21 years, with $30,000 and credit scores in the 500s, one really great core client, and some really great friends.

I knew that it was kind of precarious. It was a $200,000 contract, and it’s New York City – if that client had gone away, I would have been in really big trouble.

So I joined the Leverage Track and started doing the Growth curriculum because I had never really marketed my business, identified ideal clients, or learned about messaging, packaging, and marketing. I was in the Leverage Track, but I was doing Growth on the side. It was powerful for me to get my messaging correct and to figure out my ideal target audience.

I doubled my revenue in one year from $200,000 in my business to $400,000. Because my message was so much clearer to me, I was able to get out and start marketing.

Year two was about leverage. It was about being able to get everything out of my head and into delegating and putting together a team. And then, looking to see what was going to be next. In the fall of 2015, I started thinking about a different business model, and we generated $500,000.

I didn’t know this was possible in such a short period of time. I had no idea how. I knew it could, but I certainly knew it couldn’t happen on my own. I did not have the structure. I didn’t have the support. I didn’t have other entrepreneurs who knew what I was going through. I had really lovely friends who would go, “Yeah, gosh. I’m so sorry.” But they had nothing when all the frustrations would come along. And then I found this community and it was like, “Oh, that’s home.” And Boldheart is just perfect.

We are now working toward 7 figures, because it needs to be. It deserves to be. That’s not simply about a number, that’s about me. Life has really turned around. My credit scores are in the 700s. I have money in the bank, no debt, and a beautiful new garden apartment with a sweet little puppy dog who’s really awesome. I ran the New York City Marathon. I am so blessed and so grateful and so happy. Thank you.

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