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Fabienne Fredrickson, Founder of The Leveraged Business, multi 7-figure a year business owner for 15 years, Mentor to thousands of women, wife, mother of 3

The Guided Meditation that helps you create a Leveraged Business:

Gain access to the powerful meditation designed by Fabienne Fredrickson, specifically for women in business who crave the perfect balance between a thriving multi 6-figure or 7-figure business and a deeply fulfilling, delicious life.

Allow the power of the subconscious mind to help you transform your business results.

🌟Discover the Power of Visualization to Scale Your Business🌟

Imagine a life where you’ve scaled to multiple 6- or 7-figures, feeling the sweet taste of success, without being entangled in the daily operations of your business, making more than you’ve ever made, and enjoying many weeks of unplugged vacations per year. You can have this.

Dive deep into a 20-minute immersive experience that will unlock the life and business you dream of, in Fabienne’s gentle tone.

🌟 What This Free Guided Meditation Will Do For You:

🌟 Why You Need This Guided Meditation Now: 🌟

Every high-achieving female entrepreneur eventually reaches a point where she feels trapped in the hamster wheel of her own business. She knows she needs to make a change, but there is resistance to taking action.

But what if the key to breaking free lies not just in more “action” but within your mind, waiting to be unlocked?

Using the powerful techniques in this guided meditation, crafted specifically for you by Fabienne, a beloved business coach to thousands of women worldwide, you’ll unlock the vision of your desired business and life, allowing you to align your actions with it effortlessly.

🌟 Join Thousands of Women Just Like You Who Dream of a Leveraged Business and a Delicious Life:

This meditation is a game-changer! In just 20 minutes, I felt more aligned with my goals and more confident about the path ahead. I never knew I needed something like this.

I’ve tried various meditations before, but Fabienne’s Leveraged Business meditation is in a class of its own. It’s as if she really understands us female entrepreneurs. After just one listen, I felt a profound shift in my mindset.

OK, this Leveraged Business meditation is a pure gem! It’s the perfect blend of empowerment and tranquillity. I love that Fabienne has crafted something special for women like us.

I never realized the power of visualization until I tried this one for my business. In just 20 minutes, Fabienne helped me see my business’s potential and reignited my passion. I think this is a must for every female entrepreneur who dreams of more and wants to get out of her own way.

Fabienne has done it again! Every time I immerse myself in this meditation, I come out feeling recharged, aligned, and laser-focused on my goals. I love how Fabienne’s voice guides me with grace to the future I have always imagined.

YES! Fabienne’s meditation has become my daily ritual. It’s more than just relaxation; it’s an awakening to the possibilities. It stretches my thinking and it’s given me clarity, purpose, and the confidence to pursue my big business dreams. I absolutely love it.

This isn’t just another meditation; it’s a beautiful inner journey that brought tears to my eyes as I listened for the first time. Fabienne has an uncanny ability to guide you into visualizing not just a successful business, but also the delicious life that can come with it.

This business mediation is Pure Gold! I never thought I would have time to listen to a guided meditation, but this one is really inspiring. I feel like I shift on the inside every time I listen to it. Thank you, Fabienne! You are amazing.

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🌟 About Fabienne

For 23 years, Fabienne Fredrickson has been a beloved business coach and beacon of inspiration for tens of thousands of female entrepreneurs around the globe. With an innate ability to provide business strategy and personal growth, Fabienne stands as a testament to what it truly means to thrive as a woman in business.

From her humble beginnings to having scaled her own business to multiple 7-figures for the last 16 years with 3 kids at home, Fabienne understands, first-hand, the trials and tribulations of every self-employed woman who’s juggling the challenges of business growth with personal aspirations.

Recognized not only for her entrepreneurial success but also for her deep commitment to helping other women find their own path to success, Fabienne believes in the power of the mind. Her mindset teachings and her signature program, The Leveraged Business Program, are transformative experiences, designed meticulously to propel women from feelings of overwhelm to a life of abundance, freedom, and fulfillment.

Beyond her world-class business coaching programs, Fabienne is a sought-after speaker and a best-selling author of the book, The Leveraged Business: How You Can Go from Overwhelmed at Six Figures to Seven Figures (and Get Your Life Back).

When she isn’t helping women around the world to make their own money (lots of it) and creating a delicious life as a result, you’ll find Fabienne either in Paris or Provence, enjoying the very life she teaches others to strive for – one filled with joy, love, and, of course, the well-deserved, work-free vacation.

Join her on this transformative journey and discover the profound impact that the right mindset can have on your own life and business.


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