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Grow A Business

With Our Proven Growth Track

Grow A Business To 10K / month consistently and get your life back.

Here’s what you’ll implement with us in the Boldheart Business program over the course of our time together:
The 8 Growth Activators

The additional Fast ‘Grow A Business’ activities that will predictably get you to 10K a month in 24 months or less:

grow a business

Grow your Sales

Enroll new clients with ease and authenticity by following the step-by-step method of qualifying leads, warming up prospects and generating new sales.

grow a business

Grow your Copywriting

Write authentic copy that sells by mastering the science of delivering words that connect, inspire and bring your ideal clients and customers to work with you

grow a business

Grow your Video Marketing
Create a platform by becoming a confident and prolific video marketer who provides compelling content online and on social media, even if you’re shy

grow a business

Grow your Referrals
Create an unpaid sales force by leveraging a handful of referral partners and networking opportunities that consistently send you great referrals

grow a business

Grow your Audience
Multiply your following, online presence and list of email subscribers by hosting lead-generating events online

grow a business

Grow your Reach with a Book
Write and self-publish a short lead-generating book in just 90 days to quickly be seen as an expert in your field, even if you’re just starting out

grow a business

Grow your Packages and Programs
Make more money and work with many more clients at once by transforming your one-to-one offerings with one-to-many groups and programs

grow a business

Grow your Speaking
Become a confident speaker who enrolls ideal clients and customers from the stage with your own compelling signature talk and calls to action

You’ll implement all 8 of these within the Growth Track (4 in the first year of Growth, 4 in the second year). This is a proven way to grow a business.

The 4 Innervators

The Innervators are the shifts in your identity, self-worth, courage and certainty that allow all of the marketing strategy to work. The best business practices in the world are ineffective without BEING the person who implements them and ALLOWS the results of your efforts to flow in.

grow a business


Being seen. It's a fundamental requirement to allow you and your ability to help people reach the people who need your help (or your products/services). And yet, it is something that many of us fear…we fear being judged, misunderstood, or criticized. We'll make it safe for you to share yourself and your message far and wide!

grow a business


Many of us who are wired to start businesses lack consistency and follow-through. And yet, to create a massively successful business requires exactly these things. We'll explore the inner workings of discipline, quiet our inner rebels, and make it easy to be someone who does what she says and finishes what she starts.

grow a business

Wealth Consciousness

Vibration is everything. And a wealth consciousness practice is vital to maintaining a vibration of allowing and receiving so that we can accept (and expect!) the fruits of our efforts.

grow a business


Without the ability to trust life, it can be challenging to maneuver the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. We'll develop a deeper relationship with Faith for your business, so you stay the course and reach for more, knowing you are divinely supported.

You’ll implement all 4 of these within your Program. (2 in the first year, 2 in the second year.)
why this program produces such exceptional results:
grow a business

Your clarity and next-steps plan for each year, tailored to your needs
A customized 60-minute strategic planning session where you get your plan for each year, along with clarity on achieving your big goals.

grow a business

Trainings on exactly what to do, in what order, with examples to follow
The foundational how-tos delivered to you in bite-size pieces, so you can implement them easily. All the planning work has been done for you. (Don’t think, just follow the proven recipe.)

grow a business

Electrifying meetings for deep learning, mindset shifts, best practices and transformation
We create sacred spaces of non-judgment, personal connection and deep learning, where you make deep shifts and create friendships that last a lifetime.

grow a business

Weekly live support for your burning questions, troubleshooting and massive clarity
You’re usually never more than 6 days from the personalized support you need from our expert 'grow a business' coaches to make better decisions and get the answers to your pressing questions.

grow a business

Your personal “board-of-directors” to help you brainstorm and prioritize
Your facilitated “mastermind pod” of 6-8 people via a warm virtual video platform helps you strategize and get clarity and encouragement on your crucial next steps.

grow a business

Facilitated blocks of uninterrupted time to implement as a tribe
Epic 4-hour monthly implementation sessions to get so much more done than by yourself. Our virtual “Focus Time Parties” mean you have zero distractions while you work on Money Generating Activities

grow a business

Finally, someone to lovingly and firmly keep you focused and accountable
Connect with your Accountability Buddy and use our daily prompt system to stay totally focused and implement more each day, so you no longer procrastinate or get distracted by shiny objects.

grow a business

The friendship and unconditional love you’ve been looking for your whole life
Our buzzing Facebook group is your place to share wins, get feedback, ask for resources, and foster deep friendships. This is the unparalleled unconditional support you’ve always wished you had.

Imagine for a moment…

What would your business (and life) be like after having implemented the elements within the Program after you finally felt financially secure and more certain about your future? That’s exactly what happens when you grow a business with us.

let us ask you another defining question:
Would you be happy in 24 months if you were in the exact same place you are now?
If the answer is no, let’s talk.
We’d love to hear more about your situation and see if we can help.

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