Boldheart Business - 3 keys to Predictable Success with Fabienne

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1: Strategy

When you apply the Strategy we provide, your actions go from uncertain to deliberate.

2: Structure

When you get the Structure for your nature, you go from scattered to focused.

3: Community

When you get in our loving Community, you go from isolated to championed.

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Be Inspired By What Our Members Have to Say About Working With Us.

Debbie's 46% Increase In Revenue

“My revenue increased 46% and I’m on track to make $400,000 this year. I opened my second location and I’m about to open my third location in January. Boldheart has given me the courage and the roadmap to follow my dream.”

Emma Increased Her Annual Revenues

“In the last year Emma closed $49K in sales since joining the Boldheart program. She was able to raise her rates in the other work that she does, up to 139% increase in some cases, and is on track to close a $100K this year.”

Tania Grew Her Business By 48%

“The thing is, some of us invest money in our business and don’t invest in ourselves. And actually we need to invest in ourselves in order to grow the business. In six months, my business has grown 48%.”

Monique Shares Her Inspiring News

“Monique was having a rough start in her business until she joined us. And in just 9 months, she has had several $10,000+ months, and closed off the year at a more than 50% increase in her business.”

Tina Is Not A Coach

“From one store to three stores, in just a few months. Increased revenue. Her weekends back so she can spend time with her husband again. More energy for creating more things. Engaged and active employees.”

Leanna Hit Multiple Six Figures In 2 Years

“After nine months, Leanna crossed $100,000. She “followed the recipe” and experienced exponential growth. Leanna grew another 200% this past year, on top of her 6-figure growth the previous year. Multiple six figures, in just 2 years.”

I Can Be This Successful And Have A Life.

“The financial growth from the day she signed up to today is an 800 percent increase in revenue. And Terri was already at 6 figures when she started.”

Selling To Corporate In New York City

“Jen doubled her revenue in one year from $200,000 in her business to $400,000. Because her message was so much clearer, she was able to get out and start marketing.”

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