The Mindset Retreat

Join me for 3 days and discover the exact steps you need to use to break through the internal barriers currently stopping you from multiplying your income.

Increase your confidence and put an end to your struggle so you can FINALLY live the freedom-based lifestyle you deserve.

The Mindset Retreat is for people who want to make a difference. The ones who know in the seat of their soul, that they are here to make a big impact in the lives of their clients...

Money is great, but this is about so much more than money.

This is THE event that will allow you to step into the greatest version of yourself.

Mindset Retreat - USA
Tuesday, October 13 - Thursday, October 15, 2020

Boldheart Business Launch
Finally make the money you want & deserve with The Boldheart Business Launch Program.
The Boldheart Business Launch Program helps you grow your business through easy-to-implement marketing, sales & business growth strategies that have already helped thousands of women business owners to grow their client base and make more money than ever before.
In The Launch Program, each month, we will dive into one of the best Client Attraction principles that will show you exactly how to attract more ideal, high-paying clients, make money and grow your business to the next level.

Fill Your Business with Cash

So you're here to change the world through your business, right?

But how do you do that if you can't even figure out how to make your business work for you?

I'd love to share some REAL talk with you about simplifying, streamlining and clarifying your actions (I'm talking the day-to-day stuff) so that your business becomes the growth engine of your biggest dreams. Join me by registering at the link below (it's free!)


One-Day VIP Coaching Intensive

Envision having an exact marketing plan expertly crafted right before your eyes.

Imagine the opportunity to have your entire business reconfigured for profitability.

Discover the implementation strategy to get you the fastest results in the shortest time possible.

Join us for this highly affordable, full day Coaching Intensive. All you need to do is fill out the short form below, and our team will contact you, to make sure it's a perfect fit.

Stamford, Connecticut
Wednesday July 17, 2019

The Sales System for Women of Impact

An Online Masterclass with Fabienne Fredrickson on confidently Closing The Sale

When you wear your heart on your sleeve like I do, you simply can't pressure people to work with you when you are on the phone with them. And when they say "NO" it's like a punch in the gut.

So over 20 years ago, when I was enrolling people into my business, I figured out a system that meant by the time someone got on the phone with me, they were ALREADY sold.

It took some time and a lot of trial and error, but once I honed this pre-sale system, over 90% of the people I talked to said YES.

And now I'm going to teach this system to you.

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