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You’ve done more than you think :)


Hard to believe that 2016 has just a few weeks left.

It’s been a really transformational year for me, both professionally (Boldheart) and personally too (Paris), and frankly, this year has just flown.

Sometimes, it’s easy to feel that we haven’t accomplished as much as we wanted.

So I want to share a really important exercise with you today, especially for entrepreneurs, and especially if you have any thoughts that you didn’t quite achieve what you wanted to achieve or experience in 2016.

The video will take you just 3 minutes to watch, and then I’d give yourself another 3-5 minutes to complete the exercise.

It’s the simplest concept, but it is infallible: you get more of what you focus on.

Without getting into too much metaphysics, it has to do with the scientific fact that we attract experiences that match our internal energetic frequency (we attract more of what we focus on, good or bad).

So while I highly encourage you to do this exercise for your year, know that this is also something that can be done when:

Please watch this week’s video and take 5 minutes to work on this exercise. It is amazing how much more confident you will feel every time you do this. (And don’t forget the second part, about how you did it, OK?)

Let’s create an environment to give ourselves the best chance of exponential growth, remarkable experiences, meaningful connections and pinch-me moments in 2017.

You’re amazing. And I know you’ve accomplished more than you give yourself credit for.

Allow yourself to acknowledge this…feel it…and be proud of yourself.

And let’s get ready to rock 2017.

Here’s to getting into the vortex,

P.S. So grateful to have you in my life. You rock.

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