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You’re not a bad manager. You just need to hire better.

hire better

If you find yourself doing too much and feeling overwhelmed in your business, just know that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can free yourself from the overwhelm, get better results, and have more down time by hiring the right people and delegating better.

All it takes is a mindset shift which has you accepting and believing in the following concept:

You deserve the highest level of support possible.

This is something that I want you to say to yourself again and again and again:

I deserve to be supported by amazing team members.
I deserve a great staff.
I am worthy of getting world-class support for my business.

Here’s why you may not have been supported well enough by the employees or independent contractors you have had up until now: when push comes to shove, most people hire a friend, hire for convenience, hire the first person they meet, or they hire somebody that they can easily afford.

What happens next? They experience disappointments.

Perhaps this has happened to you too? Hiring disappointment after disappointment. This is when you start to believe that you’re a bad manager, or maybe you have the employee “curse”: that you are cursed every time you hire somebody new.

Maybe it’s a deep-seated belief that you’re undeserving of a great team (that belief can be shifted too).

What I want you to get is that you do not have the employee “curse”. You just need to hire better. It’s as simple as that.

Let’s look honestly at what has gotten in the way of hiring a world-class team in the past:

  1. You were never taught how to hire strategically. I know that in the beginning, I didn’t know how to do this either. So I made every hiring mistake in the book.
  2. You don’t yet follow processes that bring you the right person for a particular job or position in your company, even a part-time role. (I show our members in the Leverage Program how to do that, step by step.)
  3. Perhaps you don’t yet delegate effectively, in a way that gets things done on time and the way you want them done. (I can show you how to do this so everything that comes back to you, once delegated, is done the right way, every time, and you are pleased with the results.)

Everything, and I mean absolutely everything in your business (and therefore your income and your life) will change when you follow the right hiring process.

What kind of expert support do you need now?

  • Examine your current beliefs about deserving a great staff to delegate to
  • Ask yourself if you’ve just selected people you liked or that were convenient, or whether you were very strategic about all your past hires. Would you continue to do that?
  • Determine whether you are being too “cheap” with what you pay people. What would happen if you allowed yourself to pay people more, so you could get better quality team members (and therefore, infinitely better results)?
  • Raise your standard of what kind of help you deserve, then bring those people onto your team.
  • Change your mindset around not being a good people manager, start being strategic about how you fill in the gaps in your team and you will begin to be free again.

If you now see that you need to hire more or better help and you know it would help you scale your business and give you the ability to take 14 to 16 weeks of unplugged vacations per year, we can help, as we’ve done with thousands before you.

It starts with one simple conversation with my team so we can find out more about your situation. Just use this link to book a chat with one of our Strategy Coaches so we can help you determine what your most pressing needs are, the ones that will allow you to grow quickly in reach, income and also freedom.

We’ll also determine together if we are a good fit. It all starts when you book a free chat here or by filling out the boxes below. Do it now. Don’t wait. You deserve to have your freedom back.

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