If you’re independently wealthy, don’t go networking

I know, it can be hard.

I remember back in the day when I used to get that knot in my stomach before I walked into a networking event where I didn’t know people.

Over the years though, I’ve learned that some of the best long-term relationships with potential clients and strategic partners can be created from meeting them at networking events.

Even though I can still sometimes get shy in a roomful of people I don’t know, I’ve learned to get over it. ;)

In this week’s short training, I share with you the exact words that I’ve used (for years now) to take the pressure off…

It’s only 3 minutes, but so many of my students have said these words changed everything for them. Watch it here:

Doesn’t it feel better when you think about networking in a way that doesn’t have anything to do with you?

Think about the last time that you were at an event and someone pulled the “pitch and shove” on you… (Meaning they launched into their elevator speech and then shoved their business card in your hand.)

Ick right?!?! Don’t do that. Do THIS instead, and learn that you too can fall in love with networking.

Here’s my challenge to you:

Find THREE events to attend (locally or otherwise) in the next 30 days. Get yourself there, use my mini-script to take the pressure off and learn about THREE people at each event.

You in? Let me know with an “I’m on it, Fabienne!” in the comments!

Now go meet some awesome people!

P.S. Isn’t “client attracting” way better than “client pushing”???

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  1. Thank you Fabienne! This is perfect and came to my inbox at the right time. I’m on it! (and I already had 3 events on my calendar!)

  2. I heard this at Mindset and decided to give it a shot. So far my business has increased more than 50% from NETWORKING since Jan. 1! (And I HATED networking before!) Thank you for this!

  3. Wonderful information. I simply form relationships with people. I love to find out about people. In the meantime, people feel relaxed around me. I’m not independently wealthy (YET), so YES, I go networking frequently. :) Valuable video!!!

  4. I do the party thing too and I get there earlier as it makes it so much easier. I used not to like networking, now I enjoy it.

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