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You’re fired :) 

If you want to grow your business to its next level, you have to fire yourself…

…from the day-to-day operations of your company, is what I mean.   

You see, if you’re at a point in your business where you are making very good money (multiple six figures, maybe even seven figures, like our Leverage Track students) but are still doing a lot of the “doing,” you’re creating a scenario that is going to wear you out and not allow your business to grow.  

(Believe me, this is all too common with our students who first enter our Leverage Track, and it was me for a lot of years too.) 

In this week’s training, captured at our most recent Leverage Track meeting, I have some tough love for you and some good news too.  

Watch it now (it’s only about 2.5 minutes – but wow, this concept has transformed so many of our business owners’ lives and it can change everything for you).  


When we start a business, of course we do it all ourselves. We have to! Most of us bootstrap our way to success, which means we fund the growth of our business through sheer hustle and grit.  

But there comes a time when we must stop this way of doing business and take a new tack.  

This can be challenging on many levels, which is why I talk so much about the mindset of expansion and success, and how things must first change in your mind.  

Listen, I know that it’s hard to let go of control. It’s hard to take on the commitment of paying a team. It’s hard to embrace structure and systems when it probably goes against the nature that made you an entrepreneur in the first place.  

But there are so many rewards.  

You get to step into your role as a leader and a visionary, so that you can create a system that is able to multiply and grow beyond your own efforts.  

Once you make this shift the ONLY work that you do is the creation and execution of:  

  1. The Big Vision 
  1. The Big Picture Strategy 
  1. The Company Culture, R&D and Positioning 
  1. Big Picture Business Development 
  1. Big Picture Operations 

Notice a theme? Your role is to get out of the daily details and minutia and step into the big picture. Your role is to hire the people that will move the company forward – financially –  through their efforts. Your role is to create a culture where everyone on the team is rowing in the same direction. 

Hiring a team is what allows your business to move forward. Giving each team member the opportunity to be generative in their efforts, not only through their regular responsibilities, but through initiatives that grow the system of the business, allows the entire ecosystem to expand and grow. 

And, by the way, it allows your revenues and profitability to soar.  

Ready to take on your new role? I promise…you can do this.  

Just fire yourself. 😉 

Here for you,

P.S. As I shared in the video, this isn’t about hiring lots of people, throwing lots of money at your business and walking away – it’s about becoming the person you were born to be… Although it IS ok to go and sit on the beach too…sometimes 😉  

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