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Your team can grow your business for you

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Your team can grow your business without you having to manage every action. I’ve met so many business owners over the last 20 years that set a goal in January…and wake up in November and say, “Oh my gosh, we’re not even close!” Do you want to have the keys to let your team free yourself, sweet friend ? 

If so, I want you to ask yourself some questions about that goal before you set it in January:

  • How would it feel to always know where you stand, week by week, as it relates to your end-of-year goal, so that you can course-correct in real time? 
  • How would it feel to have your team be just as responsible for reaching that goal as you are (maybe even more so), having them be responsible for growing the business with you and for you? 
  • How would that make a difference in your life going forward? 

It is absolutely possible for you to empower everyone on your team to have a role in increasing your business – and have them be happy to do so.

I witnessed this happening a few years ago in my business, a memory that really stands out for me: it was a “Go team, go!” kind of moment, and somebody said, “What a great day yesterday, we are almost at our team goal for the week. We are at X number and we have one more to go. Let’s go, everybody!” 

I thought, “Wow, I am no longer the only person moving this boulder up the mountain. This is a team effort.” There was an incredible wave of peace and relief that washed over me. 

Here’s the thing about building that kind of team…the first thing that is required is a change in you, a change in your relationship to accountability. It requires that we put our big girl pants on. 

In the past, you might have been resistant to the idea of being accountable to your goal…it’s understandable, based on how you’re likely wired as an entrepreneur. But to make the change we need to make on the outside, something within us has to change. 

To meet our business goals, we need a mindset shift where the idea that “getting away with not being responsible” is no longer as attractive as “being responsible and accountable.” 

This is the growing up part. It’s about having your actions be congruent with your goals. I say this from experience. At certain points in my business, I stopped having my actions be congruent with my goals, then started wondering why the goals weren’t being met. 

Here’s what happened for me personally, a few years ago. I had been, shall we say…goofing off? I got to a certain level in my business and I thought, “I just don’t want to be responsible anymore. I have been working so hard all these years.” 

My actions were not congruent with my commitments. I wasn’t showing up, for myself or for my team. And it showed.

What happened? People on my team started feeling resentful and frustrated, and that’s when they didn’t see the yearly goals as something important to reach. I wasn’t taking personal responsibility in my business and it was affecting everyone else. When I woke up to this, it changed everything. 

It’s time to hold ourselves accountable and take personal responsibility for how we show up. That’s how we reach our goals every year, because, when you show up big, it inspires your team (however big or small) to do the same.  

Pull out a journal and start thinking about how your world would be different if you acted with more personal responsibility and accountability in your business.

  • How are you not showing up for your business (or your team) the way you could? 
  • How is it hurting your business and keeping you from growing? 
  • What would you need to do that you’re not doing now? 
  • How would your world be different if you took more personal responsibility and just showed up in a bigger way?

Be really honest with yourself here, ok?

Just think how amazing it will feel to wake up in December knowing for certain that you’ll be reaching the goal you set in January, with your team doing it with you.

You really do not have to do it all alone. Reach out today and book a free business audit call with one of our heart-centered coaches so we can help you assess what actions you need to take now to scale your business.

We’d love to help you with setting your goals and giving you the support you need to reach them. Discover more about how to leverage your team.

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