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My guess is that you didn’t open your own business to work so much and feel so overwhelmed, with so little downtime. It’s ok though, we can turn it around. But first, we need to know what an “ideal life” looks like for you.

Today, let’s think about what your dream lifestyle as a business owner would look like, with an eye toward making it happen.

Let’s say it’s a business that:

The good news is, it’s absolutely possible. And if you’re not yet living in this dream business, we just need to make some changes in the way that you do things currently. 

Working the way you’ve always worked is your comfort zone. Your dream business will be yours when you shift your business model in such a way that you can work with 10 to a 100 times more people – without working harder or longer hours. (We map out the exact steps to get you there in our Leverage Program).

You can’t get closer to your dream business by being the ‘doer’. It’s time to step out of ‘doing’ and step into the role of ‘visionary entrepreneur’.

You see, the way you are working with your clients and customers as you’ve been doing it isn’t going to get you to scale your business and increase your income and down time.

And the good news is, there are literally countless permutations and combinations as to how you can deliver your work in the world. The only thing stopping you is, well, an old belief system you are likely holding on to.

Most entrepreneurs start our business as the doer, the Jack of all trades – doing everything in the business. We’re bootstrapping because in the beginning, we can’t afford other people.

It’s just us…and we live in this belief that “I do the work because I’m good at it. I’m the one they hired. They want me and I’m supposed to do it, right? I will do it. And no one else can do it better than me.”

This is sadly where most business owners stop. That’s the ‘doer’ mentality, not the ‘visionary entrepreneur’ mentality.

You will not grow fast if you stay with this mindset (comfort zone). Doing so will bring you to  burnout…unless you first shift your beliefs and then shift things in your business. 

So if you hear yourself saying, “This is how it’s done in my industry,” that same old thinking that everybody else is using, it will create the same old results.

If you still want that dream business (assuming you’re not quite experiencing it yet), then it’s time to start thinking about what it would take to change your business model. Imagine that I gave you a magic wand and you were to shift everything.

If you lived in a magical wonderland, what would your business look like?

Time to pull out your journal and ask yourself some questions about the way things are going with your current business model. (Think about how you are when you’re with your clients, how much you’re working, how many clients you can help at once, if you need to hire someone, etc.)

=> What’s working? 
=> What’s not working? 
=> What could change? 
=> What would I ideally like to see changing? 
=> What would I do differently if I could start from scratch and have my dream business?

Remember, this is for you, so really go for it with this. Give yourself permission to dream big, even if you’re not yet sure what exact changes you’d need to make in your business model.

This is the beginning of the process we use with the women business owners in our program. That’s how they begin to make a change in their business model that gets them to scale to multiple six figures (and eventually a million or more annually), with several weeks of unplugged vacations per year. 

Yes, you will initially have resistance in doing this. That’s what we’re here for, to remove the self-doubt, the belief that it won’t work or “they won’t pay for that” and give you the recipe (roadmap) of actions to take that will have you change your entire business model in one year, so you can welcome so many more clients without working harder. In fact, you’ll work less.

Are you curious about what it might look like for you? Let’s talk, sooner rather than later.

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