You deserve to hire rockstars

This week I spoke to one of our Leverage Track members who said to me…

“Fabienne, take me to seven figures!!”

“Yes, I can absolutely take you to a million-dollar business,” I said, “but first, tell me more about your vision. Why do you want a 7-figure business, exactly? What’s the motivation?”

She was a bit stumped at first, but after some prodding on my part, she opened up fully and shared that she wanted a company that sold lots and lots of products, but didn’t have lots and lots of…

…Team members.

She just didn’t want to be bothered with having people to manage.

And I lovingly responded with a big truth: “There’s not a millionaire I know that got there alone.”

Listen, I know. Hiring is scary. And we all have stories of doing it badly. (I promise you, I’ve made allllll the mistakes!) But without some rockstar help, it’s nearly impossible to get to 7 figures.

So, in this week’s video, let me help you change your mind about hiring. In this video, I share my 4 specific things for you to look for, so you can begin hiring rockstars, instead of duds. ;) Watch this:

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Hiring can’t be about stopping the bleeding.

To enjoy the rewards of hiring well (which are immeasurable, believe me!) you need to accept some new ideas about how you are going about it.

  1. You deserve to hire rockstars.
  2. You can afford to hire rockstars (yes, now, more on that another day).
  3. If you want a high six-figure or seven-figure business, you MUST hire rockstars.

So, it’s time to switch your mindset about the false belief that you must do it on your own or that you deserve to only work with mediocre support.

Once you really GET that, you will want to embrace the four steps I take you through in the video to get the right person(s) to help you manifest your big vision.

You deserve it, sweet friend.

Much love,

P.S. Have you been secretly wishing (for years) to grow this business of yours to new levels? Maybe, like our Boldheart Business member, you’re ready to take your business to multiple 6 or even 7 figures, too? It takes three components:

  1. The mindset to allow yourself to go there
  2. The strategy and plan that will work
  3. The community-based accountability we all need to “get chic done” and a soft place to land when things don’t go well ;)

This is what we provide for our members, and it’s why they stay with us year after year after year. They get results here that they would never get on their own. Hey, if you want something like this too, maybe we should talk? Reach out and let’s map out your next steps (at no charge). Talk to a strategy coach. Let’s see if The Boldheart Way to grow a thriving business is the path for you.

You deserve it.

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