YOU create your results (here’s how to do it)

Today, I am writing to you from Florida, getting ready for 10 powerful days of client events, breakthroughs and lasting transformations at our 3-day Mindset Retreat experience next week. (It’s not too late to join us for Mindset. People are still registering here. You can too.) ;)

So, I’m totally loving that our trip down memory lane has brought us to this week’s video.

It’s what I live. It’s what I breathe. It’s what I teach my clients and also my 3 children. It’s everything.

This one’s about 6 minutes long. You’ll see how a snarky comment on a post I’d written inspired me to create my most popular video ever… It will teach you exactly how you can achieve any of the things you want. Watch it now:

Your clarity of intention and positive expectation are the fuel for the creation of any dream you have.

It’s simple. Which is why most people are overlooking it, searching instead for something complex.

I know it can be difficult to believe in prosperity and there being enough for everyone, as I told Susie, when we are surrounded by people who have bought into the cultural conditioning of lack and negativity.

It can be difficult to maintain a high vibration and really claim the ideal vision of the future that we see for ourselves, and then bring it into our lives.

It requires vigilance. And hopefully finding others in your life who share the same commitment to achievement and growth.

Ultimately, you have the power to choose in every moment, like I said in the video. Your thoughts. Your focus. Your attention. Your actions.

Choose wisely and you can indeed manifest anything you want.

Here’s to your abundance!


P.S. When you have an intention of what you want, and it is specific and clear, and then you power that intention with positive emotion and action…it will be so. It is law. <3

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  1. I’m so happy and grateful now that I have at least 10 students in every class I hold. Woo Hoo !

  2. Fabienne I am so happy and grateful that I saw your video and learned from it how to respond positively to negative comments, so I now longer worry about receiving them. (and I love your energy and generosity) Moira NZ

  3. Hello Fabienne! This is Ms. Adrian from MD. I am very happy to finally watch this video and it made me do exactly what you talked about! I am very happy and grateful to have met you through this video and learned how to manifest what is needed for my life and travel business. I am grateful to have two new partners and expect 20 more by the end of March. I would love to connect with you and just say hello and thank you ever so much!

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