You choose what marketer you want to be

Today I have some more truth for you around what it takes to become a 7-figure business owner and the Omnipresent Marketing you need to do if you want to add that zero to your revenue. 

You must embrace the fact that you are a marketer first. 

Continuing our work over the last couple of weeks on making a marketing mindset shift, I’m here to tell you that your number one job (and arguably the most important one) that you have is to be the most prolific marketer. Understandably, most business owners don’t want to accept that they are a marketer first. Why? 

It’s all those icky feelings and beliefs around marketing and marketers that we’ve been working on. (To review the previous exercises, visit Part 1 here and Part 2 here.)

I know from experience that you probably have to reframe your ideas about marketing, because there’s almost nothing as important as marketing in your business. If you want to grow, reach multiple six and seven figures, make a big impact in the world through your business…you have to put yourself out there in a big way. 

So here’s how I want to help you reframe it: 

You are a marketer first.

You are a marketer that provides insurance, or you are a marketer that consults, or you are a marketer that coaches, or you are a marketer that provides financial services, or you are a marketer that (insert your product or service here). 

You are a marketer first. Everything else is secondary (which is not what we’ve been taught in business circles). 

Why? Because if you are not marketing, you are not getting clients. If you do not have clients, you do not make money. If your business doesn’t make money, you don’t have a business. 

Now here’s the great news: you can choose what kind of marketer you wish to be. You don’t have to be like “those sleazy people”.

How do I want to show up as a marketer? I always want to show up as authentic, loving, integrous kind and generous. 

Whenever I ask people, why do you work with me, as opposed to somebody else? They always say, “It’s because you’re so authentic. You’re the real deal. You’re vulnerable. You’re loving.” But they didn’t know this prior to coming into my programs other than what they saw in the marketing. 

So this is where you get to choose. You can say, 

I am a marketer who is inspiring. 
I am a marketer who is loving. 
I am a marketer who is authentic. 
I am a marketer who is vulnerable. 
I am a marketer who is kind. 
I am a marketer who is generous.
I am a marketer who is compassionate. 
I am a marketer who is prolific. 
I am a marketer who is irresistible.
I am a marketer who is omnipresent. 
I am a marketer who is innovative. 
I am a marketer who is consistent. 

What adjectives would you use to describe the marketer you want to be? Take some time now to fill in the blank, and make the list as long as you would like. 

I AM A MARKETER WHO IS ____________________________

You’re creating a new identity for yourself with each “I am”. 

You can just be the most honest expression of who you are in your marketing. This is important because identity drives behavior. 

If it feels good to be a marketer, then you’ll market more often. If it doesn’t feel good, then you won’t do it. So let’s create a new identity for you as a marketer. You get to decide what identity, what image you have as a marketer, even before you 10 X, your marketing.

You do not need to conform to old ways of what a marketer looks like. How you show up in the world (and in marketing) is entirely up to you.

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