You can’t double your business by building an empire on Band-aids

I had some really interesting conversations yesterday with my Sapphire and Diamond clients (the highest levels of my Winners Academy.)

For these advanced business owners, the question is not how to get MORE clients; they have plenty. It’s how do you GROW and double your business, say from $250,000 to $500,000 or from $500,000 to a million-dollar business, when you’re still the bottleneck in the business. Meaning, even if you have some team members in place, you STILL do a lot of things yourself. Still.

So, the question I asked is:

“What would happen if we doubled the number of clients you had, starting tomorrow? What would happen to your business?”

The answer, every time?

“My business would implode.”


See, it’s all well and good to want to double your business each year (that’s what my clients and I aim for, and accomplish, virtually every year), but you can’t build an empire on a foundation made of Band-Aids. And let’s face it, your business right now is probably a Band-aid operation, like mine was. Here’s what I mean: if your current systems, team, operations and organizational infrastructure aren’t set up to handle the extra volume, you won’t be able to handle the new business. You can’t HANDLE the growth.

(Reminds me of Jack Nicholson saying in A Few Good Men, “You can’t HANDLE the truth!“)

So, at the Diamond or Sapphire level, we look not only at increased exposure, better marketing sequences and positioning in your marketplace, but we also look at what it will take to double or triple your current revenues in one year, while making sure everything is set up so you CAN handle the growth.

What matters most?

1) the right systems, 2) better marketing, 3) a scale-able business model, and 4) the right support team.

I know, this kind of thing is NOT ‘sexy’. None of it is, and if you’re anything like me, you come up with lots of new exciting ideas all day long and the LAST thing on your mind is creating Systems and changing the Organizational Infrastructure of your growing business.

But without these, you can’t HANDLE the growth.

That’s why 4 members of my Winners Academy clients crossed the million dollar mark this past (woohooo!!) with 7 more on track to do the same within the next few months.

So, that’s why you can’t build an empire on Band-aids.

Your thoughts? (Post them here and I’ll respond.)

Hugs, Fabienne

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  2. So true Fabienne!

    While building my empire I SO need to have a team around me to support my ideas, implement systems and delegate structures which are in their field of expertise.
    I’m the magic maker, the creator and for me to do everything is just not realistic or fair to my business, and I have been doing it this way for the last couple of years. Now, it’s time to completely surrender to allow others to take over my creations so they can grow, flourish and reach all the wonderful women who will benefit from the work.

    It’s about time:)!

    Fabienne – Thank YOU!
    See you tomorrow,
    Deborah Skye

  3. This is SO true. Even if your business IS band-aids! : ) Systems are not as sexy as the message, the brand perception, and creating products, however, once you get to a place in your business where you realize that you have the potential to impact so many more people, you have the desire to create more—meaning, change, and money, you begin to pulse with the desire for your business to work like a machine. This frees you up to do more of what you love doing and earning more with less effort. In my experience, the payoff is more than worth it. PLUS, you start to experience even creating the systems as creative and dare I say…sexy. It’s ALL a part of your brand…IF you’re willing to grow there. : ) Fabienne, thanks for being a wonderful demonstration of it.

  4. Post

    Exactly right, Deborah! The key is that you work on the things that bring in 80% of the revenue, your genius work, and everything else is delegated, automated, systematized and outsourced. That is the first step in you doubling or tripling your income, and your reach.

    Can’t wait to see you in Stamford tomorrow for the VIP Bonus Day!

    Big hugs until then!

  5. I was just thinking about this earlier today and then saw your post. I’ve been adding people to my team who can take some of the work off my shoulders and free me up to do only the stuff I can do. It’s a wonderful feeling to know I have people working behind the scenes and helping to make me successful!

    Sandy Rees
    Nonprofit Fundraising Coach

  6. After our last coaching call in December I finally understood this (it truly was a magical AHAAA moment for me!).
    Since that call Fabienne, I took your advice to learn more about my unique ability and that of my teams. With the purpose of developing each of us in our roles for higher productivity, profitability and joy.
    Now, that we have the team component figured out we’re working on creating the systems and procedures to support our growth.
    Best part is, my team is enrolled in the cause and is helping me create all of this using their unique abilities!

    Adi Kaskavalciyan
    g|Four Marketing Group, Inc.

  7. Thanks Fabienne for another thought-provoking article! :-)

    I have employees and independent contractors already – but there’s still a lot that I have trouble delegating because I don’t think that they’ll do a good job.
    This article reminds me that I need to …
    a) practice letting go and allow my employees to do more (and probably make a few mistakes along the way)
    b) upgrade my employees – through training and working with my current ones, and possibly finding some new better ones

    So sad that the weather prevented me from getting to the Bonus Day today! (Although yesterday was certainly an adventure – 10 hours on planes, several canceled flights, and a brief interlude in Chicago, only to end up back on the West Coast twelve hours after I left!)

    Looking forward to eventually getting some ‘live’ Fabienne!
    -Teresa :-)

  8. Fabienne!! You really inspire me to move forward! I am rethinking my whole business and hope to work with you some day in your Higher level programs! Thank you for your wisdom!

  9. Fabienne, love this–and I’ve been noticing something along the same lines with my own clients lately. Meaning the “sexy” part. ;-) So often I find myself giving guidance and advice and mentoring that after I hear it come out of my mouth I think “wow, that was like totally unsexy and not earth-shatteringly different…but it’s what will MOVE YOU FORWARD from the stuck place you are at right now.” Sometimes I think it’s in our blind spot because we are looking for something uber-profound–and more often than not it isn’t.

    Good stuff! :-)

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