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Today I want to remind you how important it is for your business growth for you to focus on your unique brilliance and delegate the things you are not good or great at. To illustrate this, allow me to tell you a little story about my accountant, Matt. One day we were having a long meeting…a full day meeting.

We were talking about numbers, then analyzing them and how they have an impact on the business. For me, these long meetings were excruciating. This type of minutiae is not my favorite activity.

But then, at one point, I looked over at Matt and I said, “Oh my gosh, Matt, you actually like this! You find these complex numbers…fun?!” 

And he said, “Oh, Fabienne, I love this so much. Numbers are the meaning of life!”

I said, “They are?” 

“Yes,” he said with conviction. “They tell a story. Numbers are everything.”

That’s when I realized that putting people who are uniquely brilliant, who have a passion for the things that I am not competent in, will change everything for me. As it will for you and your business. 

When you begin to hire people who are uniquely brilliant at the things you’re not brilliant at, this is how you grow your business exponentially.

Okay. So how do you do that?

I have an exercise I do with our Leverage clients called “Define Your Unique Brilliance” (you can find it here on my blog, after you’re done reading today’s article) where I look at four different categories of the way you show up in your business:

  • Unique Brilliance
  • Excellence
  • Competence
  • Incompetence

Divide up a piece of paper into four quadrants, and without judgment, list in each category the activities that you do in your business.

Here’s how a sheet might look for me: Unique Brilliance. I know that when I spend the most time on those tasks or activities, this is how I move things forward faster for my business versus being in the other 3 quadrants. 

Excellence, on the other hand, is what you’re really good at, but you wouldn’t do it for free all day long.

The bottom two quadrants (Competence and Incompetence) have to do with things that, frankly, others can do better, or worse, you are negatively impacting your business by doing them.

Why is this a worthwhile exercise? Well, I share this with you because I went through this exercise myself and I realized that the goal is to be 80% in your Unique Brilliance quadrants. This happens when you fully leverage all aspects of your business, as I teach in our program.

How do you do that? By delegating the bottom two quadrants to people whose Unique Brilliance is your Competence and Incompetence, just like Matt, my accountant, has a Unique Brilliance with something I found very difficult and frustrating. These types of people would love to take these things off your plate.

Yes, there are people who are just really, really good at the things you are not at all good at. Thankfully, they do exist. 

So over the next few months, look at what you wrote down and just start delegating those things. It’s hurting your business for you to be involved in those activities, when you could be making money in your Unique Brilliance activities, even your Excellence activities.

These top two quadrants are where you make your money and your impact, not the bottom two. (Eventually you will also delegate your Excellence quadrant too, so that you will live almost exclusively in your unique brilliance quadrant, like I do and our members do. This is how they can get their business to multiple 6 and even 7 figures, with their freedom and joy back.)

This is where you will really make an impact in your business, without spending a lot of time. 

If you’re not sure what category your skills and activities belong in, or you’re feeling anxious about hiring someone to handle things for you, we are here to help you. You deserve to get help with this. It is a very worthwhile investment.

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