You ARE deserving (here’s how to believe it)

In today’s new video, I’m dropping in with a little pep talk for you. 

One of the ways that women (especially women business owners) all around the globe stop themselves from living the life that they love is that they believe that they are…

not good enough,
not deserving enough,
not smart enough,
not worthy enough,
not valuable enough…

…to achieve BIG things. 

And that is simply not the case. 

Every single person born onto this planet is worthy and valuable and deserving of all of the abundance that the world has to offer, including YOU. 

You can read more below or watch the video to hear about how to believe in your worth.

The way that believing you are truly worthy starts coming into your life is when you tell yourself over and over:

I deserve this. 
I am worthy of this.
I am valuable.
I am enough.

One of the things that I’ve started doing for months now in my own life and in the lives of those around me (including my children), is to remind myself and others that we are enough, as is. 

There is nothing to fix. 
There is nothing to make better.
We are deserving just as we are.

And you can set little reminders for yourself, whether it be sticky notes on your bathroom mirror or an alarm on your phone. I have three alarms on my phone: one in the morning, one in the midday and one in the evening. It just reminds me that I am worthy of all of the abundance in the world.
Perhaps for you, it’s taking a red lipstick and writing it on your mirror: “I deserve all of the abundance in the world.” 

You may not think that this would make a difference in your business and your income but it does, actually. You attract what you believe, so it’s important to believe you are deserving of abundance. 

The more you create belief systems that you are enough, that you are deserving, that you are worthy and that the universe wants to give you all of the abundance you seek, the more you start to believe it on a subconscious level. 

And when that happens, you start taking different actions – actions that are good for you. Actions that bring you closer to what you say you want.

So today, just a little loving reminder that you are worthy, you are deserving, and you are enough. And let’s have you keep reminding yourself of that, OK?

Sending you all my love. xo

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