Deborah Duley from Empowered Connections: Success Story – Debbie’s 46% Revenue Increase

Deborah Duley, founder and creator of Empowered Connections, LLC; Success Story with Boldheart

Debbie Duley’s husband thought she could do it on her own. He thought that her joining the Boldheart Business program was a waste of her money. That happens sometimes, until the husband sees the results…then, they tend to really love us. ;) 

Watch this video in which she shared with me the transformation that got her to a 46% growth and 400K in revenues. Wow.
This is a great reminder to listen to your intuition and, sometimes, go against the advice of those around you, even those who love you. Let her message embolden you. Watch this:

Debbie owns a group counseling practice and has almost doubled her revenue since joining us in Boldheart Business. She started with us in the Leverage Track (the best fit for entrepreneurs already making at least $100K per year), where she learned to apply our principles, experienced a huge growth spurt and nearly doubled her revenue. Now with us in the Masters Track, Debbie continues to contribute to our amazing community of entrepreneurs, nurturing and growing her practice.

Here’s a little of what Debbie shared with me in a recent conversation:

“When I joined Boldheart, I had grown my practice to $225,000 in annual revenue. But I knew that I couldn’t get to a 7-figure business with my 6-figure process. I felt like I was always putting out fires. I was exhausted. I was really tired of always working IN my business and was desperate to work ON my business instead.
Since joining the Boldheart Business program, my processes are so much more streamlined. My revenue increased 46% and I’m on track to make $400,000 in revenue this year. My team has grown, I’ve learned to hire rockstar employees and be a better manager. I opened my second location in January and I’m about to open my third location in January 2020. Being in Boldheart has given me the courage and the roadmap to follow my dream.
My lifestyle has also improved so much. I see fewer clients, I no longer work seven days a week, and my weekends are now WORK FREE.

I asked Debbie what her greatest resistance was to joining the program. I absolutely love her answer:

“My husband was adamant that I could accomplish all the things I needed to grow my business on my own. He felt that spending the money on Boldheart was a waste of resources. But I decided on my own that if I didn’t do something different, I would never have a different life. Interestingly, it’s what I’ve always taught my clients, so I needed to be the example and model that behavior not only for them but for myself.
I wouldn’t have gotten my business to where it is now and where it’s going if I hadn’t joined Boldheart. This is a fact. Not one day goes by that I regret it. I would highly recommend anyone on the fence to talk to other members of the program, as I wish I’d done that myself. If you do the work, the steps will be built and the dream will appear.

Sweet friend, yes, there is almost always resistance to making a commitment like this, not to mention the investment. 

Let’s be honest…

If you think you can do it on your own, great, go for it. Give it an honest try (or maybe you have already). 

But if you know that you need help and support to get you and your business where you want to go, don’t wait. 

Take action like Debbie did and book a free exploratory session with us here and see the results for yourself.

Let’s just explore that it would look like to work together. 

You can request that free call here. There’s nothing to lose. 

You can do this,

P.S. If you’re still on the fence about joining us, and want to get some assurance, do as Debbie suggested and reach out to some of the members of our program – see the Success Stories page on

Then, go ahead and schedule your free exploration call with us here.

They can tell you first-hand what their experience has been and what kind of results they’re getting.

You can make 10K a month consistently, and if you’re a bit more advanced, like Debbie was, you can absolutely multiply your current results. 
We’re ready when you are. xo

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