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Women tend to work in cycles (how to use it to your advantage)

In today’s new video, I’m going to encourage you to take stock, in the hopes that it will move you to the next level in your business. 

So, you want to grow your business. 

Everyone wants to grow their business, their impact, their income, all that good stuff. 

Most people think that business grows on a steady upward incline. But I have found that it does not grow like this. 

It instead grows like this: some growth, some plateau, some growth, some plateau, some more growth, some plateau. Why? 

Well, the truth is, hyper-growth requires a certain type of circumstances, a certain type of stamina, of support, of taking care of yourself. Especially as a woman…because women tend to work in cycles

Watch now to hear more about how to look at these cycles to get to the next level in your business: 

I have found that women grow in cycles, and it looks more like stair steps than a straight line. I’m not sure if that’s the case for you, but it has been the case for me. 

So whenever I find myself at a new plateau for a while, wondering why it’s not happening fast enough, I have to go back and look at what I was doing in that hyper-growth stage that I’m not currently doing now…

Am I taking care of myself differently?
Am I less focused because of some distractions in my environment?
Am I no longer getting the kind of coaching, or am I not doing the mindset work or the high-aspiration inspiration that has helped me in the past?

And so every few years when things aren’t moving fast enough (although I move at a fast pace anyway), I open up my journal and I think back to the times that I was growing really quickly and I start saying, what did I have in my life that I do not have now

What kind of support?
What kind of inspiration?
What kind of environment?

Then, if I’m really committed to moving to the next level, I will start adding those things back in my life. And that’s what I’m doing now. 

Hoping that this helps you with some inspiration to think back to a time when you were creating the results you wanted and bringing back those elements into your life now. 

You can do it! 

Sending you lots of love. xo

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