With the extraordinary Angelina Campos, winner of my Gold Mastermind Halloween Costume Contest!

What a whirlwind-y, fabulously awesome week last week! We kicked it off with our Gold Mastermind retreat, where my Gold clients flew in from all over the world (as far away as Japan, Dubai, Germany and the UK) to get strategies and mastermind about getting more clients and making a lot more this year and beyond. We topped it off with a ridiculously fun Halloween party (and Costume Contest). I have to tell you, I never in my wildest dreams imagined that they would put so much effort and creativity in the costumes. It was mind blowing! Although they were ALL fabulous, the clear winner was http://www.camposcoaching.com/Angelina Campos from Hawaii, who came as a body-painted mermaid. Yes, she hired someone who spent two hours putting BODY PAINT on her (no clothes.) She’d set the intention that she was going to win, and boy, did she ever! Congratulations on winning the Grand Prize, Angelina!

(Clearly, this will become an annual tradition for our Gold retreats. I’ll post pictures of the entire Halloween party and Gold meeting on my FaceBook page. Enjoy!)

That same day, Gold Mastermind client Dawna Brown from Germany won the Implementation Contest by sharing with us everything she’d implemented since our last live meeting in June. The highlight? Dawna made more than $79,000 in just 4 months after implementing what she learned at the last Gold retreat. Way to go, Dawna!

And Friday was moving day for the Fredrickson family! While I spent the day strategizing with my new Sapphire Elite client Pauline Fleming here at our “workhouse”, the movers were busily transferring our belongings to our new FABULOUS house. I can’t tell you how much this means to me as I’ve had my eye on this house for 5 years and have been manifesting it ever since. A dream come true!

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