With marketing genius Joe Polish at his ‘Genius Network Mastermind’. To succeed, you must get the very best specialized knowledge available

Hello from Arizona! Derek and I joined another high-level mastermind this year and, although we just re-upped with another group, we’re excited to be part of this one too. You see, we have BIG goals for 2011, and a TON more entrepreneurs to help. And to reach those lofty goals, we’ve got to have specialized knowledge we don’t currently have, create strategic alliances with people outside of our current circle, AND we need regular in-person accountability. Without this kind of support, I’d never be where I am today. In fact, this group is so high-level, you’d know most of them: virtually all the most well-known marketers in the world, an infomercial king who brings in 2 million-dollars a week (gulp!), famous stars (including Paula Abdul), etc. Basically, we’re masterminding with serious PLAYERS. And when you’re being called to step up and play with the big leagues, you can’t help but play a bigger game. (Plus, I pass this info on to my clients, which is a bonus.)

What about you, how will YOU place yourself in an environment of SERIOUS players this year, to get the specialized knowledge you don’t currently have and be pulled to play a much bigger game and reach your goals? It doesn’t matter what level of business you’re in, it’s crucial that you belong to something that has you take bigger action.

By the way, did you see the video I did from Newark Airport on my way to Arizona? (When you watch it, ignore the random people walking by me wondering what on earth I’m doing filming at the gate.) Anyway, the video’s about your goals for 2011 and whether you’re going to reach them or not. It also announces opportunities that are available to work within my 2011 Winners Academy programs. Watch the video here and enter your info on the boxes on the page to find out more about the Winners Academy programs.

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