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Wrong team members? You’re wasting money

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Hiring the wrong team members can slow down your business more than you can even imagine. Let’s say you’re at a point in your business growth where you (finally) have a team in place. You’re starting to delegate and get some systems set up and you’re being supported. Things are happening without you. You don’t have to be in the business every day, running everything, woo hoo! 
But then, after a while…you start getting frustrated, noticing that things are slipping through the cracks and you’re getting pulled back into the day-to-day more and more. 

Perhaps you’ve begun to see that you have some people on the team who aren’t exactly “rockstars” and that you are surrounded by the wrong team members.


You can’t really seem to trust everyone or fully let go, and now you’re becoming the dreaded micro-manager, trapped into doing things yourself (you can evaluate your support team with this exercise).
After some reflection (of course, we also have to look at ourselves and how we participate), it’s clear that things are…not really working out with a couple of wrong team members. But you just can’t bring yourself to fire them.

Why not?

If someone happens to have the profile of the wrong team member, why can’t you seem to let them go?

If they aren’t honoring their responsibilities or qualified for their role, why did you hire them in the first place?


What I’ve learned is that we bring on or keep wrong team members because of limiting beliefs that we have or rules that no longer serve us. 


We are usually unaware of these underground motivators that are getting in the way. Here are some of the limiting beliefs around hiring and firing that I’ve discovered over my decades of both being in business and working with tens of thousands of other entrepreneurs:

  • “It’s more important to just get help right now; finding the right person will take too long.” 
  • “I’m obligated to help my friend (friend’s daughter, family member, previous client, etc.).” 
  • “Hiring someone more qualified will cost too much money.” 
  • “They’ll change if I only __.”
  • “Firing someone is going to be too confrontational and upsetting, I just can’t do it.”

Do any of these strike a chord for you? Now it’s your turn to look at what has motivated you to hire or keep wrong team members, so you can start to do things differently.
Limiting Beliefs Around Hiring

Let’s look into what belief, what rule, what fear caused you to have hired, or to have kept a team member who is not a “10”. Look over everyone that currently supports you and give them a score from 1-10, listing why they earned that score. Then ask yourself this: 

• What belief, ‘rule’ or fear has caused me to have hired (or kept) each of these ‘non rockstar’ team members – those who are not a 10?

Take your time and list everything that comes to mind; some of these can take time to come to the surface. When you feel your list is complete, add your insights and what you’ve learned.

Once you’ve taken a look at how things stand now and how you got there, you may start to see how you could do something differently in the future.

So go ahead, walk through some of those fears and start taking some action to surround yourself with the rockstar team you deserve and let go these wrong team members.

If you need world class support in making the kinds of changes you now know you need to make, but aren’t sure how to do it, reach out to one of my rockstar strategy coaches for a free exploratory call today. They’re here, waiting to meet you. 

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